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Save more with APMEX Promo Codes and Special Discounts

In addition to a vast, high-quality selection of Precious Metals and exclusive products, APMEX offers extensive savings, too. Our fair, transparent prices—made better with AMPEX promo codes and coupons, best-tier pricing, and free shipping—means there’s no better place to buy and save on Precious Metals.

APMEX Vault Deals

APMEX Vault Deals are just like our promo codes. They are special discounts on select items that are limited or on sale. Check out our APMEX Vault Deals from time to time as the offers change frequently.

APMEX promo codes

APMEX promo codes and APMEX coupon codes work the same; they help you save money without all the clipping. Found online, these digital discount codes are the savvy investor’s ticket to huge savings over spot prices.

Whether you like Gold or Silver, have a high or modest budget, or want to save on a specific product, there’s an APMEX promo code or APMEX coupon code for every kind of investment.

Bookmark this page to save yourself time in searching for a promo code for APMEX products. We regularly update our promotions, so you can find current APMEX promos, APMEX coupons and other savings here.

How to use

  1. Find your APMEX promo code/APMEX coupon code here
  2. Add the product(s) that corresponds to the APMEX promo/APMEX coupon to your cart
  3. Enter the APMEX promo code/APMEX coupon code at checkout
  4. See instant savings!

APMEX Best-tier Pricing

Investors who buy in large quantities receive our best-tier pricing. Displayed in the last line of the volume-pricing chart of each product, this special low price is also available to shoppers through an APMEX promo code. Visit the APMEX promo code page often to see what great savings you can find.

APMEX Free Shipping

All of APMEX’s domestic orders over $99 automatically get free shipping. We make it easy it for you so there’s no need to search “APMEX promo code free shipping.” Just invest and save.

Use the promo codes below
Paste the code at checkout
Terms and Conditions: Can be used once per customer. Not limited to any product.
On Maple Leafs
Terms and Conditions: Can be used once per customer on 2015 Canada 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf BU and Canada 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf (Random Year).


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