Gold Buffalos (NGC Certified)

Gold Buffalos (NGC Certified)
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2008-W 1/4 oz Gold Buffalo MS-70 NGC
The 2008 issues of the Gold Buffalo are unique in that they include the only Buffalos minted with a special burnished finish as well as the only time fractional sizes were offered. This West Point-minted 1/4 oz burnished coin has been grade.... Read More
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Take Your Coin Collection to the Next Level with NGC MS-70 Gold Buffalos from APMEX

Whether you are starting a collection, adding to an existing collection or simply investing in Precious Metals, Gold Buffalo coins offer an excellent choice. Based on a popular design that was introduced in 1913, Gold Buffalo coins appreciate dramatically in value. Buy each new issue of Gold Buffalo coin to gain the most advantages over other investors and collectors and watch the value increase as time passes.

Buffalo Gold Appreciation

Gold Buffalo coins have traditionally performed well, regardless of Gold's value on the open market. They are considered an excellent long-term investment because of their gradual appreciation. Additionally, an American Buffalo Gold coin has a long and illustrious history among coin collectors because of its rich history.


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