APMEX (Gold Bars & Rounds)

APMEX (Gold Bars & Rounds)
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APMEX Gold Bars and Gold Rounds are High Quality Bullion

Whether you are new to investing or an experienced investor, there are several sized options that maintain high value that diversifies any portfolio. APMEX Gold bars and Gold rounds come in sizes as small as 1 gram Gold to 1 kilo Gold bars. The high quality of every sized Gold bullion will be a joy to have for anyone. APMEX will ensure your investment is well protected from the time you order to the time it reaches your home.

APMEX Gold rounds and Gold bar offer a different dimension to Precious Metals investing while giving investors flexibility with their strategy.

APMEX Gold Rounds

Gold rounds add value to any collection or investment. APMEX Gold rounds come in sizes of 1/10 oz Gold, 1/4 Gold and 1/2 oz Gold. These size options can work within any investors budget. Each highly valued APMEX rounds are highly collectible and popular because of the quality and the size.

APMEX Gold Bars

Each APMEX Gold bar comes in tamper-proof packaging to ensure that every Gold bullion is at its highest quality, left unscathed so you can reap the benefits of it. APMEX Gold bars are sought after by investors all over the world because of the reputation for providing excellent bullion. Investors have opportunities with sizes in 1 gram Gold bars, 5 gram Gold, 10 gram Gold and 1 oz Gold bars. Ambitious investors can purchase the 1 kilo Gold bar, perfect for adding tremendous value to any portfolio.

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