10 oz (Silver Bars)

10 oz (Silver Bars)
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10 oz Silver Bar - Tombstone Silver Nugget
As low as $2.99 per oz over spot!
The Old American West has much history and folklore that has carried over generations, and these Silver bars continue this interest. These uniquely crafted bars have differing shapes and features, adding further interest to the .999 fine Si.... Read More
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10 oz Silver Bar - U.S. Assay Office
In the late 1960s, the Defense Logistics Agency had over 165 million ounces of Silver in its stockpile. The government dumped the Silver into the open market in 1980 and 1981 to drive down Silver prices after the Hunt brothers tried to corn.... Read More
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10 ounce Silver bars are ideal for those wanting larger investments.

At APMEX, each 10 ounce Silver bar tells a story, and that story adds numismatic value to these Silver bullion bars. The value of Silver per ounce increases when beauty, purity and condition collide. Consider vintage Engelhard Silver bars: These Silver bullion bars are no longer in production because the primary Engelhard Corporation was bought out in 2006. While you can still buy Silver bullion bars issued by Engelhard-Australia, a manufacturer that was formerly a subsidiary of the mother company, the original Engelhard bars are now all that is left to tell the story of the original world-renowned company.

Some 10 ounce Silver bars tell a story based on the images imprinted into them. Collecting Silver per ounce gains an air of intrigue when you purchase Silver bullion bars that go beyond the usual hallmark-stamping of purity, weight and manufacturer. Unlike Engelhard Silver bars that have a more traditional appearance, discover unique Silver bars such as the Jesus Clears the Temple 10 ounce Silver bar issued by the Golden State Mint. This Silver bullion bar depicts Jesus removing the money changers from the temple, a well-known story from the Bible.

Consider also buying PAMP Suisse 10 ounce Silver bars that feature the Roman goddess of fortune, Lady Fortuna. Ounce per Silver ounce, these beautiful Silver bars represent the epitome of excellence in regard to fine Silver and design. These Silver bullion bars are coveted by collectors for their superior craftsmanship, and their depiction of Lady Fortuna is second to none. Browse the Silver bars available at APMEX, and you will also discover many other Silver bars of comparable quality to add to your collection.


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