Australia Platinum Platypus Coins

Australia Platinum Platypus Coins

When buying 1 oz Platinum coins and other Platinum bullion, understand how price is determined.

When looking at 1 oz Platinum coins like the Platinum Platypus coins from Australia and other coins from around the globe, it is important to understand several factors about Platinum uses and Platinum prices. The price of Australian Platinum coins and other Platinum products has often been higher than Gold coins, bars and rounds even though Platinum has not been used throughout time as extensively as Gold. Whether commemorative Platinum coins or Platinum bars, the base price or spot price of Platinum historically has been higher because of basic economics: supply and demand. As a result, Platinum coins and other Platinum products are seen as good investments by many.

When pricing 1 oz Platinum coins, the price per troy ounce is affected by the various uses of the Precious Metal. Australian Platinum coins and other Platinum coins from around the world are just some of raw Platinum uses that drive up the spot price. The price of commemorative Platinum coins and other Platinum bullion is also affected by industrial uses found in everyday things. In addition to Platinum coins, the Precious Metal is used in catalytic converters for cars, as a catalyst in hydrogenation of vegetable oils and processes to create higher-octane gasoline. Platinum is even used in medical instruments, dental prostheses, permanent magnets and electrical contacts.

So when you consider 1 oz Platinum coins and other Platinum bullion, it is important to understand how the spot price of this Precious Metal is supported by a myriad of industrial uses. As a result, many see Australian Platinum coins as a good investment that will hold its value even as other investments may falter. The value of Australian Platinum coins also typically includes numismatic or collector value because of their beautiful detailing of the iconic Australian platypus. Across the world, find commemorative Platinum coins and also Platinum bars and rounds for investments that historically often have been worth more than Gold.

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