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Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/14/2011

REPORTS FINALLY COME IN AS EXPECTED, MARKETS ALL UP Most economists expected a drop in the retail sales report for May of anywhere between 0.3% to 0.7% when automobile sales were included.  The report released this morning showed that the fall was 0.2% with auto sales considered, but up 0.3% when they were excluded.&#... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/13/2011

INVESTORS CASH OUT THEIR INSURANCE POLICIES – After Friday’s huge drop in stock markets, investors sold off holdings in gold and other precious metals today to cover losses from six straight weeks of stock market losses.  When investors buy on credit (called “leverage” or “margin”), they run the risk of a margin call if their losses get to... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/13/2011

IS THE US FINANCIALLY IN WORSE SHAPE THAN GREECE? – According to Pimco’s Bill Gross, the U.S. is financially worse off than Greece and other European debt-laden countries. Mr. Gross makes the point that although the current focus is on the $14.3 trillion dollar debt, when you factor in the future costs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, you get a total that looks like more than $100 trillion dollars. "To think that ... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/13/2011

INVESTORS WILL BE WATCHING THE STOCK MARKET THIS MORNING TO SEE IF IT REBOUNDS FROM FRIDAY’S ALMOST 200 POINT LOSS. Futures are pointing to a slightly positive opening. Overnight, world stocks continued to lose ground as they touched a 12-week low. This latest drop is fueled by concerns that weak economic data coming out of China could forecast weaker global growth. Investors con... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/10/2011

MARKETS DROP SHARPLY FOR SIXTH STRAIGHT WEEK - Almost every market made a sharp move down today.  All the major stock indices (DJIA, S&P 500, NASDAQ) took a beating today, and were down by about 1.4%.  Today marks the end of the sixth straight week of declines in stock markets.  This is the longest bear market since 2002.... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/10/2011

AS QE2 ENDS, THE FLOCK TO CASH PICKS UP The uncertainty surrounding the end of QE2 and a lack of a firm direction towards a possible QE3 by the Fed, investors are looking to become less risky in their investments. This is causing dips in the market, which is set to continue its weekly losing streak. According to William De Vijder, Chief Investment Officer at BNP Paribas Investment Partners,” …That's fueling taking money off table and an inc... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/10/2011

CHINA BUYING SILVER AT A RECORD PACE - China has traditionally been a net exporter of silver, but recent data shows them now to be net importers.  In 2010, China’s imports of silver hit a record high, as imports quadrupled to 3,500 tonnes.  The Chinese appetite for silver is being driven by both industrial and investment demand. Both gold and silver prices c... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/9/2011

CAN HOME PRICES KEEP ON FALLING? – Veteran economist Robert Shiller said today that recent housing and unemployment data suggest the U.S. economy  is tottering and could fall into a double-dip recession. Double dip or not, housing prices could fall much further. Mr.Shiller is looking at unemployment numbers. If they continue to go up in the coming months, we could see another recession."My gut feeling is we might see a... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/9/2011

MARKETS UP ON TRADE GAP REPORT, GREECE PLOT THICKENS U.S. stocks are holding onto gains after six straight days of losses.  Markets across the board are trading higher at the moment, with gold and oil also holding onto gains.  A report showed that the U.S. trade gap narrowed in April, which brings expectations of a rise in the g... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/9/2011

MORE DISAPPOINTING NEWS ON THE JOB FRONT - More bad news today on the jobs front, as the number of Americans filing for unemployment unexpectedly rose by 1000, last week to 427,000. It was expected to drop by 7000. Although a Labor Department official described this increase as basically unchanged, it indicates to many that if there was a jobs recovery, it has stalled. ... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/8/2011

THE PRICE OF TEA IN CHINA Precious metals were still trading lower today despite the negative results of the OPEC meeting. Could it be that the effects of this meeting just haven’t been felt yet? Historically, higher oil prices mean higher gold prices. Bernanke’s speech yesterday was received with mixed feelings. On the one hand, he did not hint at another QE which kept precious metals trading lower, while on the other hand his comments were still not positive. World stocks also re... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/8/2011

OIL RISING ON OPEC BREAKDOWN The OPEC meeting today to boost oil output was classified as, “…one of the worst meetings we have ever had”, according to Saudi oil minister, Ali al-Naimi. The main point of contention amongst the countries is that they are already producing above the quota amounts. Saudi Arabia is viewed as a linchpin and the main producer that the countries are wanting to see ... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/8/2011

BERNANKE’S SPEECH DRIVES MARKETS LOWER -The U.S. stock market appeared set to end its five-day losing streak yesterday, as it climbed as high as 90 points.  However, as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s afternoon speech approached, it began to give back gains.  The speech began 15 minutes before market close and by close, the market was dow... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/7/2011

BERNANKE, OBAMA SPEAK OUT AGAINST RECESSION RUMORS – Both President Obama and Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke addressed fears of a double dip recession today, in speeches that were not related.  Mr. Obama held a press conference after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  “I’m not worried about a double-dip recession,” he said.  He said he is ... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/7/2011

BERNANKE SPEAKS AT 2:45, OBAMA MEETS WITH GERMAN CHANCELLOR Precious metals are fairly flat today as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is scheduled to speak at 2:45 pm (CT).  Bernanke is expected to speak about the economic outlook for the U.S., likely addressing weak reports that show that the recovery is slipping, if not stalled altogeth... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/7/2011

THE U.S.DOLLAR FALLS TO A ONE-MONTH LOW – The U.S. dollar fell to a one-month low on Tuesday, (when measured against a basket of other major currencies), and it fell to a record low when measured against the Swiss franc. This recent drop came after a Chinese official said that the dollar would continue to weaken against other major currencies. Federal Reserve Cha... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/6/2011

GOLD AND SILVER PRICES MOVE HIGHER – Friday’s job loss reports and the fear of a possible interest rate hike in China gave investors the jitters and that was good news overall for Precious Metals. Gold, Silver and Palladium all were up and only Platinum was lower. As Wall Street continued to fret over the economy, shares on most indices dropped – the fourth straight trading session t... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/6/2011

MIDDLE EASTERN TENSIONS WILL TEST THE OPEC NATIONS – The Organization of Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC) produce 40% of the world’s oil. OPEC is now 50 years old, and never before have they been at such a critical crossroad, as they approach their meeting Wednesday in Vienna. Many of these countries are experiencing unprecedented inner conflicts while oil is once again pressing the $100 per barrel mark. Libya is a special concern... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/6/2011

HAS EUROPE EXPERIENCED THEIR FINANCIAL CRISIS YET? - According to Jim McCaughan, CEO of Principal Global Investors, The US might be recovering from their financial collapse of 2008, but Europe has not seen theirs yet. “Europe's debt crisis appears to be entering a more dangerous phase. If the EU and ECB continue pretending this is a liquidity crisis, they run the risk of allowing inadequate fiscal adjustment, particularly in Gre... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/3/2011

MOST AMERICANS SAY RECOVERY IS 3 YEARS OUT, SOME SAY NEVER In a recent survey, 61% of Americans believe that we are at least three years away from our pre-recession lifestyles.  10% believe we will never fully recover from the recession that hit in 2008. Fred Crawford, CEO of AlixPartners, who conducted the survey, says, “Americans continue to push their expectations for return to a pre-recession ‘n... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 6/3/2011

JOBS REPORT EVEN WORSE THAN EXPECTED, YEMENI PRESIDENT KILLED (OR NOT?) Fears of a double-dip recession seemed to hang on this morning’s nonfarm payrolls report, and when it was released, the fears hit the other side with a resounding “thud.”  To put the report in perspective, April’s numbers showed an increase of 244,000 jobs.  May’s numbers were expected to be disappointing already, somewhere around 125,000.  Read More

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