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Daily Gold & Silver Market Report–1/7/2016

GOLD HITS NINE-WEEK HIGH ON CHINA WORRIES; WALL STREET SHAKEN ON CHINA, OIL Concerns over the Chinese economy helped Gold break $1,100 per ounce to reach a nine-week high. Investors scrambled money into safer assets as stocks took a hit after the Chinese yuan fell 7 percent. Gold is viewed as a safe haven and often looked to when global stocks appear unstable. "Gold's strength is probably going to be relatively short term, but there is an upside risk to Gold, ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report–1/6/2016

GOLD UP ON GLOBAL ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTIES; THE FED’S NEXT MOVE Gold reached a four-week high Wednesday as fears rise over global economic conditions and geopolitical concerns.  Gold hit a high in December at $1,088.70 per ounce and was able to rebound twice from the $1,045 price range; therefore analysts believe if Gold stays above $1,088 it has possibly bottomed out for now.  "As we go higher, we could see some of that physical demand beginning to slow. Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 1/4/2016

GOLD RISES AS WORLD WORRIES ABOUT GLOBAL ECONOMY Gold and Silver prices are gaining during Monday morning hours moving toward their highest point in nearly two weeks.  Metals are receiving support from safe haven demand as China’s continued struggles have investors again concerned about a global economic slowdown. This news, coupled with rising ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/30/2015

GOLD’S PERFORMANCE IN 2015; PESSIMISTIC VIEWS ON FED’S RATE HIKE As the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on how Precious Metals prices have fluctuated through the many ups and downs the market encountered this year. Gold appears to be heading towards its third consecutive annual loss, which can be attributed to a few reasons. In 2014, the focus was on the Federal Reserve cutting back its quantitative easing measures at each policy meeting, which pressured Pr... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/23/2015

GOLD STABILIZES AHEAD OF HOLIDAY; OIL’S RECENT, ANNUAL PERFORMANCE UNFOLDED Precious Metals prices remain steady ahead of markets closing early Thursday for the Christmas Eve holiday. Wednesday morning will see the personal income and spending and durable goods report, as well as the new home sales and consumer sentiment report.  Depending on what is conveyed in these reports, it could support either Precious Metals or the U.S. dollar.  " Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/21/2015

METALS UP AS INVESTORS DIGEST INTEREST RATE HIKE After losing some ground following last week’s move by the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade, Precious Metal prices are on the rise during Monday morning trading. Although the announcement was seen as a positive for the greenback, uncertainty on the pace of future increases has we... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/18/2015

DOLLAR RECOVERS FROM FED INTEREST RATE HIKE The Federal Reserve increased interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade, sparking a surge in the dollar and global stocks. After bottoming out Thursday at $1,047.25 an ounce, within a few dollars of a six-year low reached on Dec. 3, Gold was up 0.49 percent Friday at $1,056.56 an ounce. The possibility of the rate increase had investors on the fence this year. Now the focus will turn toward the pace of further increases, making... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/16/2015

GOLD DROPS AFTER FED RATE HIKE; GLOBAL STOCKS, DOLLAR RISE The U.S. dollar surged while Gold fell one percent following the Federal Reserve raising interest rates Wednesday. Policymakers left the door open for more increases in 2016 but also stated they may take a gradual approach. Gold rallied Wednesday before the Fed announcement but had been down almost 10 percent overall this year. " Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/16/2015

FED’S DECISION TO INCREASE RATES EXPECTED TODAY Gold and Silver both rose Wednesday morning ahead of the Federal Reserve’s announcement on whether they plan to hike interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. The market expects a proposal to increase rates slowly over time, which is supporting Precious Metal prices.  Gold has made a comeback after nearly reaching a six-year low earlier this month due to the U.S. dollar fluctuating and global financial concerns... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/14/2015

INVESTORS KEEP WATCHFUL EYE PREPARING FOR FOMC MEETING Precious Metal prices are relatively flat during Monday morning trading hours as investors prepare for news out of this week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting.  The Federal Reserve has flirted with raising interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade and many expect an announcement once their final meeting for the year concludes Wednesday.  Although an interest rate hike would likely pressure meta... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/11/2015

GOLD, OIL  DOWN PREPARING FOR FEDERAL RESERVE MEETING Spot Gold fell 0.7 percent to $1,064.11 an ounce Friday morning after closing flat the last two sessions. The metal was on track for a two percent decline for the week and a seventh weekly drop. Investors are prepared for the Federal Reserve to announce the first interest rate hike in nearly a decade at their next policy meeting, set for Dec. 15-16. "What we are likely to see in the next three months is the discussion ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/10/2015

DOLLAR REBOUND POSES RISK TO GOLD; U.S. JOBLESS CLAIMS AT 5-MONTH HIGH The U.S. dollar rebounded Thursday on expectations of the first interest rate increase in a decade at next week’s Federal Reserve meeting. Gold has lost 9 percent in value this year and higher interest rates could weigh on demand for the non-interest-paying metal. Another bearish factor for Gold is current weakness in oil, as Gold is often used as a hedge against oil-led inflation.  "G... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/9/2015

SOFT DOLLAR SUPPORTS METALS; POTENTIAL U.S. RECESSION FORECAST Gold continued rising Wednesday with a weaker U.S. dollar and European stocks. This is the second consecutive day for the dollar to fall against other major currencies after reaching a 12 1/2-year high last week. The market anticipates a rate hike at next week’s Federal Reserve policy meeting, bu... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/7/2015

METALS LOSE GROUND AS OIL CONTINUES SLUMP Gold and other Precious Metal prices are on the decline during Monday morning trading hours, with Gold retreating from a recent three-week high. Prices unexpectedly increased Friday following what many viewed as positive jobs data.  Historically, positive jobs data weighs on metals ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/4/2015

GOLD UP DESPITE DOLLAR REBOUND Gold rallied Friday morning, following a strong U.S. non-farm payrolls report, and is set to end a six-week losing streak. Investors are focused on the jobs report, which showed 211,000 jobs added in November, but also await the Dec. 15-16 Federal Reserve meeting where the first rate increase in nearly a decade could be announced. Janet Yellen said on Thursday the U.S. is "close to the point at which we should be raising" rates. “The [Europe... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/3/2015

GOLD REBOUNDS FROM 2010 LOWS, WALL STREET LOWER AFTER ECB ACTIONS The European Central Bank announced a minimum cut in its deposit rates Thursday but left the main refinancing rate, which sets the cost of borrowing for banks, unchanged. Investors expected the ECB to make the cut, however it was smaller than predicted. Gold rebounded from near a six-year low on the news. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has strengthening expectations of a December interest rate in... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/2/2015

GOLD PRESSURED BY ECB POLICY MEETING;FED MEETS NEXT WEEK Gold fell back Wednesday as the dollar rose ahead of Thursday’s European Central Bank policy meeting, when the market anticipates additional stimulus to be announced. Gold hit a six-year low last week on growing speculation the Federal Reserve will finally increase interest rates this month as they have proclaimed all year.  " Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/23/2015

METALS SLIGHTLY LOWER AS DOLLAR GAINS Precious Metal prices are on the decline Monday morning as Gold drops back toward its newly reached six-year low.  A robust U.S. dollar and strong speculation that interest rates will see their first increase in December have pressured metals for the last month.  Gold reached its lowest mark since February 2010 l... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/20/2015

GOLD REBOUNDS SLIGHTLY AS RATE INCREASE FEARS EASE Gold spot is up Friday morning after falling to a six-week low. The rally started Thursday on expectations the Federal Reserve will slowly raise the interest rates. Gold spot saw its lowest point since February 2010 on Thursday, hitting $1,064.95 per ounce. Friday, spot Gold was up 0.14 percent at $1,083.61 an ounce and is set to end the week little changed overall. Interest rate fear has increased since the strong U.S. jobs data e... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/19/2015

GOLD RISES AS DOLLAR DIPS; U.S. JOBLESS CLAIMS FALL The dollar dipped lower Thursday against a basket of currencies, which helped Gold edge off a six-year low Wednesday as it hit $1,064.85 per ounce. Policymakers continue to point to December as the target to raise interest rates. Analysts think it will take far more than a rate increase to drive the dollar higher. While the Fed has pointed to next month as the liftoff point for rates, they have also signaled it wi... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/18/2015

INVESTORS ALERT AHEAD OF FED MINUTE RELEASE Precious Metals across the board have recently fallen over concerns the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates in December for the first time in nearly a decade.  The market is awaiting minutes from the latest Fed meeting, which might provide some direction as to future plans.  Due to the pressure on Precious Metals this year, Gold is at a five-year low, Silver is at a 2 1/2-month low and Platinum is just above a se... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/13/2015

INCREASED LIKELIHOOD OF RATE INCREASE KEEPS GOLD DOWN Gold is on track for its fourth straight week of loss as investors are leaning toward an interest rate hike this December. U.S. Federal Reserve officials are lined up behind the December rate increase because the risks of delaying an increase are now roughly even with the risks of increasing rates too soon. Spot Go... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/12/2015

GOLD NEARS 6-YEAR LOW ON FED PRESSURE; IMF SAYS FED SHOULD WAIT Heightened expectations of an interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve have Gold nearing a six-year low. Continued positive economic reports have boosted expectations of the Fed raising rates this year. "The Fed has been driving the bulk of the move down from around $1,200 [per ounce] to below $1,100," Standard Chartered analyst Paul Horsnall said. "But ultimately, Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/11/2015

LIKELINESS OF FED HIKING RATES IN DECEMBER RISES Last Friday’s strong non-farm payroll stunned the market and pressured Precious Metals.  Now, analysts suggest the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade before the end of 2015.  "If there [is] a December rate hike, the next question is what's the path... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/10/2015

METALS CONTINUE DECLINE ON FED SPECULATION Precious Metal prices are on the decline Tuesday morning as the U.S. dollar approaches a seven-month high. Speculation that the U.S. Federal Reserve will finally begin raising interest rates in December for the first time in nearly a decade has bolstered demand for the dollar while adding pressure to metals.  Although the hike is expected to Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/6/2015

JOBS REPORT DROPS GOLD, BOOSTS DOLLAR Both Gold spot and Gold futures fell 1 percent Friday after the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported nonfarm payrolls grew 271,000 for October, a sharp jump from August and September numbers. A Federal Reserve interest rate increase is a possibility, if justified by economic data coming out today. "The technical picture has weakened this week after the Fed officials' comments, and prices are struggling above the $1,100 [per ounce] area. Tod... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/5/2015

GOLD DOWN AS DECEMBER RATE RISE STILL ON TABLE; U.S. JOBLESS CLAIMS RISE The U.S. dollar gained strength Thursday on comments from the Federal Reserve that a December interest rate increase was still on the table, prompting Gold to slip to $1,105.15 per ounce, its lowest point since October 2. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen stated a December rate hike is a “live possibility,” though the Fed is awaiting the release of more economic data. An increase in returns o... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/4/2015

GOLD PRESSURED BY POTENTIAL RATE HIKE; FED EYEING JOB GROWTH REPORTS Gold is attempting to recover from Tuesday’s losses after the dollar strengthened on speculation the Federal Reserve may increase interest rates in 2015. "The main driver behind the down move is that more market participants now believe that the Fed will begin... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/2/2015

METALS LOSE GROUND AS RATE HIKE LOOMS Precious Metal prices are on the decline Monday morning as Gold hit a four-week low. Although the U.S. dollar is on the downturn and Gold has seen a recent rally, a hawkish tone by the U.S. Federal Reserve after last week has fueled speculation that an interest rate increase is still o... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/30/2015

GOLD STEADIES, STILL AT 3 WEEK LOW The dollar retreated Friday, causing spot Gold to steady at a three-week low after the U.S. Federal Reserve indicated it may raise interest rates in December. Spot Gold was at $1,145.55 an ounce Friday morning after slipping to $1,144.01 per ounce, its lowest since Oct. 9. "The market was clearly anticipating kicking rate rises into the long grass, and of course Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/29/2015

GOLD NEAR TWO-WEEK LOW ON RATE HIKE TALK; WALL STREET LOWER ON WEAK GDP Gold is at a two-week low on hawkish notes from the Federal Reserve that a December rate hike is not out of the question. The central bank stated they will have to watch November economic data to gauge the timing of a possible interest rate increase. "The Fed wording is more positive than it was and Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/28/2015

GOLD RISES AS FED MEETING ENDS; YELLEN EARNS C+ BY CNBC SURVEY Gold soared over $1,180 an ounce as the dollar fell ahead of Wednesday’s policy statement from the Federal Reserve.  The 200-day moving average for the yellow metal is $1,172 an ounce, which is a vital price point that hadn’t been reached since May. The Fed is wrapping up a two-day... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/23/2015

FOCUS ON DOLLAR BOOSTS GOLD Spot Gold rose 1 percent to $1,178.26 an ounce after falling as low as $1,162.50 Thursday, its lowest since Oct. 13. Support comes from a softer dollar, which was up slightly over the euro on comments by the European Central Bank. Focus remains on the dollar as markets expect U.S. manufacturing PMI numbers to show a slight dip from September. "That's the first manufacturing PMI for any major economy that we're going to see for October," ICBC St... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/22/2015

GOLD NEAR WEEK-LOW ON FIRMER DOLLAR; U.S. JOBLESS CLAIMS POINT TO FIRMING LABOR MARKET Continued uncertainty as to the timing of a Federal Reserve interest rate increase, as well as a stronger dollar, has steadied Gold near its lowest point this week. Investors seeking safety from commodity-linked assets and emerging market currencies boosted the dollar from seven-week lows. Earlier in the year Gold saw 5 1/2-year lows on expectations for a 2015 rate hike, yet now... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/21/2015

MARKET FOCUSES ON FEDERAL RESERVE, ECB POLICY MEETINGS Investors hope the Federal Reserve’s last two policy meetings of the year provide hints for their next plan to stimulate the U.S. economy. The Fed meets on October 27-28, with their last 2015 meeting set for December 15-16. The futures market has set pricing with expectations the Fed will not increase interes... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/19/2015

GOLD SLIDES; DEBT CEILING AGREEMENT DEADLINE APPROACHING Gold eased Monday after rising 7 percent in October from weak U.S. job data released earlier in the month.  "Last week was all dollar-driven," Afshin Nabavi, head of trading at MKS in Switzerland, said. "Stop after stop was triggered. A break of $1,200-1,225 [per o... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/16/2015

GOLD DOWN, STILL ON TRACK FOR 2 WEEK GAIN Gold fell Friday as the dollar recovered from concerns of the strength of the U.S economy.  Thursday’s U.S. inflation data boosted the dollar, but doubt of the Federal Reserve increasing the interest rate this year is keeping the metal on track. Spot Gold was down to $1,181.90 an ounce but is on track to rise 2 percent t... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/15/2015

GOLD RETREATS ON U.S. INFLATION DATA; GASOLINE WEIGHS ON CONSUMER PRICES News of a stronger-than-expected U.S. inflation report boosted the dollar over the euro and has Gold retreating. Gold previously rallied 1.4 percent on sluggish economic data, but Thursday’s data showing a steady gain in inflation renewed speculation of a Federal Reserve interest rate increase. "Over the last couple of days Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/14/2015

GOLD BOUNCES OFF WEAK DOLLAR; RACE TO INCREASE DEBT CEILING BEGINS SOON Gold is benefiting from the Federal Reserve’s decision to back down from increasing interest rates, rallying 9 percent since July. “I think the Fed could be on hold and the Gold market could benefit from that substantially,” TradingAnalysis.com founder Todd Gordon said Tuesday on CNBC's "Trading Nation." Gordon suggests a weaker U.S. dollar would provide Gold the nudge it needs. “It looks like ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/12/2015

METALS CONTINUE RISE AS DOLLAR TESTS RECENT LOWS After seeing price increases last week, Precious Metals are continuing to gain during Monday morning trading hours. Investors are speculating, based on recent economic data, the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates until next year, which has boosted metals and helped Gold reached its highest level s... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/9/2015

GOLD RISES , U.S. DOLLAR LOSES ON FED MINUTES Spot Gold is up one percent Friday morning.  The climb was in reaction to the Federal Reserve not being in any hurry to raise the interest rates.  Spot Gold was up 1.33 percent at $1,153.71 an ounce. On Thursday, prices had rallied only briefly after the Fed minutes before closing down 0.6 percent despite a softer U.S. dollar. "Gold was choppy following the U.S. FOMC minutes that did not give a clear indication of whether... Read More

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