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Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report 2/24/2012

SILVER PRICE UP 7.1% IN WEEK; U.S. CONSUMER CONFIDENCE UP   The Gold price is slightly down today as it tries to sustain this week’s gain. LGT Capital Management analyst Bayram Dincer said investors were moving into Gold on the back of expectations for further monetary easing in the United States and the eurozone. “It is really monetary (policy) expectations that are making the investment rationale for Gold,” he said. Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/24/2012

ECB PRESIDENT SEES HIGH UNCERTAINTY IN EUROZONE Precious metals are trading down across the board this morning, while U.S. stock futures are gaining ahead of economic data to be released this morning. David Morrison, senior market strategist at GFT Markets, believes that recent actions by central banks of the world to increase liq... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/23/2012

ANOTHER 3-MONTH HIGH FOR GOLD; ECONOMISTS WARY ON STEADY JOBLESS CLAIMS   The Gold price reached another three-month high today, helped upward by the dollar’s weakness and a belief that central banks around the world will continue current loose monetary policies. Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/23/2012

GREEK DEBT WRITE-OFF BEGINS; OIL PUSHES GOLD HIGHER Precious metals prices are on the move upward again today. A number of factors are leading to that trend, most notably the rising Middle East tension, Greek debt resolution and technical buying. RBS strategist Nikos Kavalis said, “The fact that we have Iran in the background is certainly helping through higher oil prices, which are a negative for most other industrial commodities. But Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/23/2012

JOBLESS CLAIMS UNCHANGED FROM LAST WEEK   The number of new claims for unemployment benefits in the United States was unchanged from last week. Claims have held at the lowest levels since 2008. Economists polled by Reuters had expected claims to rise slightly from 351,000 to 354,000, so there is renewed hope that the U.S. job sector might be turning the corner. The European Commission... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/22/2012

GOLD SETTLES AT THREE-MONTH HIGH; SKEPTICISM ON GREECE JUSTIFIED, PIMCO CEO SAYS After a sluggish performance earlier in the day, Gold settled at a three-month high this afternoon. With investors engaging in profit-taking in the wake of fading enthusiasm for Greece’s bailout agreement and the release of less-than-positive economic data from China, bargain hunters push... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report 2/22/2012

GREEK PROTESTS PLANNED; DEFAULT SWAPS ARE CONCERN   Precious metals prices have moved little today with the exception of Platinum’s, which is up considerably since this morning. Platinum’s price has rallied due to a labor dispute at one of the world’s largest Platinum mines, Impala Platinum’s Rustenberg Facility. The disagreement at the mine has led to a loss of 80,000 ounces in output. Credit... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/22/2012

GOLDMAN SACHS SEES SLOW U.S. GROWTH, HIGHER GOLD PRICE IN 2012 Precious metals are experiencing mixed trading this morning, with Gold and Palladium relatively flat, Silver down about 1 percent, and Platinum up about 1 percent. For Gold, the concerns over the state of European debt have brought down the value of the euro. Sharps Pixley Chief Executive Ro... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/21/2012

GOLD, SILVER PRICES HEAD HIGHER THROUGH DAY   The headlines give the Greek bailout settlement credit for the big move in Gold and Silver prices today, and that was no doubt a factor. However, the wise investor might look deeper. These prices might reflect a world in constant turmoil, and this Greek package (which is not fully approved), might be but a small contributor. Oil prices are beginning to rise ... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report 2/21/2012

SILVER PRICE UP 20% IN JANUARY; GREECE DEAL GETS MIXED REVIEWS   Precious metals prices continued to climb this morning. A deal was reached for the Greek bailout package, which encouraged a stronger euro and boosted Gold’s price. Andrey Kryuchenkov at VTB Capital said, “The biggest problem for Gold would be a stronger dollar. I remain bullish in the... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/21/2012

PESSIMISM SURROUNDS GREEK BAILOUT; MORE THREATS FROM IRAN European stocks were trading flat this morning, and U.S. stock futures are pointing to a higher opening for Wall Street. Eurozone finance ministers finally approved a second bailout package for Greece late Monday, but pessimism still surrounds the announcement. This was perhaps best explain... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/20/2012

GOLD PRICE UP; ISRAEL MULLS ATTACK ON IRAN’S NUCLEAR PROGRAM   Gold prices ended the day up, buoyed by a Chinese cut in lender reserve requirements and optimism in the markets that Greece’s bailout would be approved by eurozone finance ministers. In an e-mail today, William Adams, the head of research for, wrote, “The metals and mar... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/20/2012

GREEK RESOLUTION SEEMS A DONE DEAL, BUT GAPS WILL REMAIN   Precious metals prices continued to rally today on news that Greek debt resolution deal is almost a formality at this point. Consultant Paul Fertig reiterated that point, saying, “It seems today that eurozone finance ministers will approve the 130 billion-euro bailout package for Greece, and that should reduce fear in the financial markets and have a positive impact on the euro in particular. … T... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/20/2012

WEEKEND EVENTS PUSH GOLD, SILVER HIGHER   The New York Stock Exchange is closed for President’s Day, but the precious metals market opened at its regularly scheduled time at 5 p.m. (CST) Sunday. Two events over the weekend pushed precious metals prices upward. First, the People’s Bank of China announced it was cutting major lender’s reserve require... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/17/2012

IS CHINA’S CENTRAL BANK BUILDING GOLD RESERVES?  The first question might be, if the Chinese central bank is increasing Gold reserves, why is this significant? First and foremost, it could have a major effect on Gold prices. The Chinese central bank is the sixth-largest holder of Gold (relative to other central banks), but Gold represents less than 3 p... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/17/2012

WHEN WILL GREEK BAILOUT FINALIZE? VOLATILITY ABOUNDS  Precious metals have been relatively volatile this morning, while technical selling by investors to recoup losses and hopes for a Greek debt resolution continue to influence the markets. Credit Suisse analyst Tom Kendall said, “There is enough risk around the European side of things to keep Gold supported above $1,700, but we are whipping back and forth on whatever the mood seems to be Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/17/2012

GOLD UP ON CHINESE DEMAND, GREEK SITUATION, INFLATION WORRIES   Precious metals prices are trading higher this morning thanks to increasing demand, a stronger euro, and inflationary concerns. As mentioned yesterday, data from the World Gold Council showed that China and India generated 49 percent of demand for Gold as ... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/16/2012

MOODY’S WARNS OF RATINGS CUTS; PAYROLL TAX CUT DEAL REACHED   Gold prices ended the day higher again today, pushed upward mid-session by a drop in the dollar, as well as the jump in oil prices brought on by the continued tension between Iran, Israel, and the U.S. “With the euro making a bit of recovery in the midday, Gold is getting support from the ... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/16/2012

U.S. NURTURING GROWTH; GREEK BAILOUT GAP SEEN  Precious metals prices have begun to rebound from the morning lows. The promising economic data that is being released has boosted stocks and pointed to a growing economy. Normally, Gold moves against the dollar, and with the euro dropping and dollar rising, that was the case earlier this morning. But Gold’s safe-haven appeal has boosted the metal as fears grow over a “hole” in the Greek bailout. Daniel Smith, an ... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/16/2012

GOLD BUYING IN CHINA, INDIA, EUROPE CREATES RECORD DEMAND IN 2011   According to the World’s Gold Council’s annual report, the demand for Gold reached an all-time high in 2011. This was largely because of increased buying in China, India and Europe. Germany and Switzerland were the leading buyers in Europe. The report states that the reason for the increased demand in that part of the world is related t... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/15/2012

GREECE FIGHTS TO SALVAGE BAILOUT; ANOTHER ROUND OF EASING BY THE FED?   Continued uncertainty about Greece’s bailout and tension between Israel and Iran caused investors to turn to the safe haven of Gold today. The precious metal ended the day up by over $10. Prices for Silver and Platinum ended the day up, as well, with only Palladium experiencing a modest drop. Read More
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