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Closing Gold & Silver Report 4/10/2012

GOLD’S SAFE-HAVEN APPEAL RETURNS; OIL PRICES TO SLOW EUROPE The Gold price continues to rise as the yellow metal’s safe-haven appeal is returning. Analysts at Barclays commented on how jewelers in India have reopened retail stores after a 20-day strike over a possible increase in taxes on non-branded Gold purchases. and how the stores being open a... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/10/2012

JOB OPENINGS RISE IN U.S.; NORTH KOREA NOT STANDING DOWN   Precious metals prices have been trading rather briskly today, with the Gold price staying relatively close to $1,655 mark after swinging lower at mid-morning. Economic pressures, foreign and domestic, continue to prey on prices of precious metals. Commerzbank’s Eugene Weinberg said, “I think that for another couple of months Gold is likely to stay under pressure … but looking forward, by the end... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/10/2012

STRING OF BAD DATA BOOSTS DEMAND FOR METALS Demand for Gold and Silver is pushing prices upward at the moment after missed estimates on economic data. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the U.S. economy is “far from having fully recovered,” speaking in regard to the disappointing jobs report released Friday. In addition, China u... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report 4/9/2012

CRUDE OIL PRICES DOWN; SYRIA’S PEACE PLAN IS VOID   Gold held on to its gains for the day after unsatisfactory U.S. jobs data was released Friday. Many investors are predicting the data may lead to more U.S. economic stimulus measures. “In the next few months, the market will not only begin to price in the Fed’s sustained policy but will price in for furt... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report- 4/9/2012

WEAK JOBS REPORTS MOVE STOCKS LOWER, GOLD UP    Markets were closed Friday, when the dismal jobs report was released. It was expected that equity markets would open weak and Gold prices would climb today, and this is exactly what appears to be happening. The disappointing jobs report has increased expectations that the Fed may be forced into Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/6/2012

MARKETS CLOSED; WHAT WILL SUNDAY BRING?   There is no doubt that today’s weak jobs report is going to affect markets once they open after the holidays. U.S. stock futures plunged triple digits after this morning’s jobs report was released. The U.S. stock market will open at 8 a.m. (CDT) Monday, while Gold and Silver markets will re-open at 5 p.m. (CDT) Sunday. Gold and Silver prices recently dropped to ... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report 4/6/2012

MARKETS CLOSED TODAY; EURO FEELS EFFECT OF SPAIN’S FINANCIAL ISSUES   With yesterday’s report that fewer jobs were created in the U.S. than had been forecasted, the Federal Reserve might reconsider implementing a stimulus plan to promote growth. “There’s going to be this feeling that the Fed’s minutes, that said easing was off the table, is not going to pan out,” said Michael Gayed, the chief investment strategist who helps oversee $150 million at New York-based P... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/6/2012

MARKETS CLOSED TODAY; ADP JOBS REPORT WELL BELOW EXPECTATIONS   Though markets are closed today, U.S. stock futures may offer clues about movement after the weekend. After the ADP Jobs Report was released this morning, U.S. stock futures plummeted. Expectations were that trends would hold steady and the report would show 210,000 jobs added in March. Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/5/2012

BARGAIN HUNTERS BOOST GOLD, SILVER PRICES; EUROZONE FEARS FLARE UP   Bargain hunters took advantage of lower prices for Gold and Silver today, helping both metals to end the day in positive territory. After signs from the Federal Reserve yesterday indicating that another round of quantitative easing is unlikely soon, precious metals prices dipped. Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/5/2012

GOLD PRICE RISING AS GLOBAL MARKETS FALL ON RECESSION FEARS    Precious metals prices are seeing moderate increases today, primarily on physical demand and overall concerns regarding global recession fears. Spain is the country at the forefront now, as Italy’s Mario Monti has stepped up and followed through on its austerity measures. But Spain is having a hard time meeting targets and might require international aid. An analyst from INTL FC Stone sa... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/5/2012

COULD SHARP DROP IN STOCKS RESULT IN QE3?   Gold and Silver prices are recovering from yesterday’s decline, and U.S. stock futures are recovering from early morning drops after the release of the weekly report of claims for unemployment benefits. The report showed a better-than-expected 357,000 new claims were filed, an... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/4/2012

GOLD PRICE DIPS WITH SIGNIFICANT SELLOFF IN STOCKS, COMMODITIES    After the release of the minutes from the March meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, in which there was little discussion of any plans for future quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve, stocks and commodities -- including precious metals -- experienced a significant sellof... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report 4/4/2012

GREEK OFFICIALS TO MEET WITH HOLDOUTS OVER BOND SWAPS    Precious metals are following morning trends with a fall in prices across the board, following yesterday’s news that further quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve is unlikely. “The market has decided that yesterday’s statement is probably the final nail in the coffin,” Frank Lesh of FuturePath Trading said. “ Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/4/2012

GOLD, GLOBAL MARKETS DOWN ON RECESSION FEARS   The Gold price has dropped to one of its lowest levels in the past 3 months. The release of the minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting (with little talk of further quantitative easing), and the European Central Bank holding steady to try to subdue inflation have many investors taking profits and looking at riskier investment opportunities. The euro’s value is falling while the U.S. dollar is ri... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/3/2012

GOLD PRICE STEADY; SPANISH DEBT WORRIES GROW   Gold prices remained relatively steady with only marginal movements up and down through the morning session. Gold typically has moved with Fed announcements, and a report containing the minutes of the recent Federal Open Market Committee meeting is expected to be released about 1 p.m. (CDT). BNP Paribas analyst Anne-Laure Tremblay said, “The Gold market has recently been very sensitive to Fed statements, so ... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/3/2012

INVESTORS TO STUDY FED MINUTES FOR SIGNS OF EASING    Gold and Silver are following U.S. stock futures this morning, as all are experiencing slight losses. Minutes of the latest Federal Open Market Committee meeting will be released later today. In a research note, analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch wrote, “We will l... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report 4/2/2012

JEWELERS’ STRIKE IN INDIA ENDS; PEACE PLAN UNDER WAY IN SYRIA Gold remained in positive territory in afternoon trading. Loan Smith at Knight Capital Europe Ltd. said a rally in Gold could take off central banks indicate further monetary action. “If the Fed reinstitutes quantitative easing measures later in the year, coupled with rising fiscal deficits and currency debasement among countries in the developed world, then Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/2/2012

MANUFACTURING SUPPORTING RECOVERY; GOLD SET TO RALLY?   Gold prices have pushed above $1,680 during Monday’s trading. The opportunity cost of holding Gold is remaining low as the Federal Reserve remains committed to low U.S. interest rates. An improving economy could cloud the picture, as it would push back the possibility of additional quantitative easing, which could lead to an eventual hike... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/2/12

GOLD, SILVER PRICES SLIGHTLY LOWER IN OVERNIGHT TRADING    Gold futures declined largely on concerns about events in India and Turkey. Jewelry stores in India are on strike against recent government taxes on Gold, which has reduced Gold imports from Turkey. The weaker jewelry demand is not currently offset by investment demand, ... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report

EUROZONE WORRIES ABATE; U.S. READIES SANCTIONS OVER IRAN     Precious metals prices were on the rise this afternoon following the dollar’s decline and a rise in oil prices. The dollar’s decline came on the heels of the euro’s rise, which was due to the addition of funds to the eurozone’s financial firewalls. In a note to analysts, HSBC officials wrote, “In the near term, Gold prices may be influenced by the effectiveness of the eurozone’s plan ... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report 3/30/2012

CONSUMER CONFIDENCE UP, BUT QE3 STILL POSSIBLE   The Gold price continues to hold steady thanks to a stronger euro after finance ministers came to an agreement to increase Europe’s firewall to an estimated 800 billion euros. Anticipation is building among Gold investors who believe negative U.S. data might be forthcoming in the second quar... Read More

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