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Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report

GOLD PRICE FALLS BELOW KEY TECHNICAL BARRIER     Gold prices have taken a sharp turn down today, dropping below the 200-day moving average for the first time in almost three years. The U.S. dollar is gaining, while stocks, commodities, and even Gold are losing ground. It isn’t a single occurrence but a series of... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/14/2012

SILVER PRICE DROPS BELOW $30     Silver prices had been spending time below $30 per oz earlier this morning, but the price had bounced off its low by 8 a.m. (CST). Precious metals prices in general are under pressure on continued eurozone concerns. The euro continues to decline and 5-year Italian bond yields went to a record 6.47%. Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/13/2011

ECONOMY ‘EXPANDS MODERATELY’ PER FED     Since the Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report, precious metals prices have been on the decline, due in large part to technical selling. The outlook by financial analysts, though, still points to Gold as a safe-haven investment, largely on the Fed-supported view of economic uncertainty surrounding Europe. Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report

FED’S STIMULUS PLANS REMAIN UNCLEAR    Gold prices are down slightly since this morning. Jay Taylor, president and chief executive of Taylor Hard Money Advisors, commented on the perception of Gold as a monetary metal, saying, “When confidence is lost in the currency system, Gold is usually the primary beneficiary.” Concern is brewing in the market over Moody’s war... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/13/2011

PHYSICAL COMMUNITY RESPONDS TO GOLD PULLBACK; FED STATEMENT DUE TODAY     After dipping in overnight trading, precious metals prices have recovered. Currently, Gold and Palladium are near yesterday’s closing prices, while Silver and Platinum are enjoying slightly larger gains. Monday’s price drop was... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/12/2011

QE3 AT WHAT COST?     Gold prices closed at a seven-week low today as the optimism investors felt last week gave way to the more familiar feeling of anxiety about Europe’s debt crisis. Michael K. Smith of T&K Futures expressed the opinion that investors are saying, “ ‘All right, let’s just get out and wait till next year,’ ” pointing to th... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/12/2011

MOODY’S DOESN’T HELP THE MOOD – Two weeks of solid gains in the stock market seem to be over as all major indices, as well as gold, are down today. Moody’s rating service is keeping an eye on the countries in the euro area, as is the rest of the world. They said today that they would be reviewing the ratings of those countries. Stanley Nabi, New York based vice chairman of Silvercrest Asset Management Group, was quoted in a phone interview saying, “ Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/12/2012

GOLD, SILVER PRICES FALL ON STRENGTHENING DOLLAR    Last week, investors tried to be optimistic about the European summit deal. When official announcements were made Friday, markets tried to remain positive. But the lack of substance sunk in over the weekend, and confidence in the financial markets quickly began to wane. Britain made it clear that it want... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/9/2011

MORE WINNERS THAN LOSERS AFTER EU SUMMIT    Precious metals prices remained relatively steady through afternoon trading. The outlook brightened for Gold following the good news coming from Brussels, Belgium, after the latest EU summit, which is being considered a marginal success. The result of the summit seems to be a closer fiscal union and an agreement on new treaty provisions. “There is a greater correlation toward the end of the year as most co... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/9/2011

GOLD IS SOLID ASSET      Precious metals prices were up and remained positive this morning. With Europe’s evolving debt crisis, investors are attracted to Gold as a way to safeguard their assets. One analyst said investors are acting on concern and fear by buying Gold. He claimed this is a direct respon... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/9/2011

NEW FISCAL EU IN THE WORKS    Not all the European Union countries are on board yet, but after overnight talks in Brussels, Belgium, 23 European nations (including all 17 eurozone members) are planning on a new intergovernmental treaty for fiscal discipline. This “fiscal compact” includes caps on Gross Domestic Product deficits, consequences for deficits exceeding 3% of GDP, addition... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/8/2011

ONE STEP FORWARD, TWO STEPS BACK AT EU SUMMIT    Precious metals prices stabilized through afternoon trading, maintaining the lows reported in the Mid-Day Market Report. The news started good this morning with European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi’s announcement of a cut in interest rates, but hopes were quickly tempered ... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/8/2011

TIME NOT ON EUROPE’S SIDE Precious metals and U.S. stocks were down in morning trading. The market change resulted from the interest rate announcement from the European Central Bank (ECB). The market was hopefully awaiting the news that the ECB would begin to aggressively buy bonds. However, ECB President Mario Draghi announced the opposite. When bonds are purchased assertively, it pushes cash into the system, but this currently is not an option. The ECB has ... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/8/2011

CENTRAL BANKS’ GOLD PURCHASES MAY RISE BY 300% THIS YEAR     This week, news about the European Union is driving major market movement. Today is no exception, as we watch the reaction after the European Central Bank cut its key lending rate by a quarter-point, from 1.25% to 1%. What the long-term result will be is uncertain. But the knee-jerk reaction undoubtedly will cause a ripple in the markets. Still, tomorrow’s news might make today’s seem... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/7/2011

GERMANY RAINING ON PARADE; WHAT IS ISRAEL DOING? During afternoon trading, Gold has been relatively stable in price. In a note to investors, ANZ analysts wrote, “If European leaders manage to come up with a plan, we will likely see a relief rally in the euro, which will take Gold higher with it.”' Platinum continues to run at a discount to Gold over the past three months, which is the metal’s longest dis... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/7/2011

EUROPE FEELING THE PRESSURE      Precious metals prices were holding firm since this morning, even though the market was concerned with whether European leaders will shore up the region’s debt issues at this Friday’s planned European Union summit. The stock market and the euro are down on reports that the European Stability Mechanism possibly might take control of the European rescue fund soon. RBC Wealth Management’s Philip Dow said, Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/7/2011

NEXT STOP FOR GEITHNER: FRANCE Reports of positive economic news were enough to lift Wednesday’s stock futures. Investors are waiting on the results from Thursday’s European Central Bank meeting, in which the result is expected to be a lowering of interest rates. The big card on the table is the proposed new EU treaty that would include... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/6/2011

NEW EU “BAZOOKA” IN THE WORKS?     The Gold price stabilized throughout afternoon trading, approaching even trading for the day after volatility in the currencies market and technical selling. World markets seem to be taking a breath before the upcoming European Union financial meeting set to begin Friday. The prognosis for Gold looks appealing in this financial crisis. Analyst Michael Block, of Phoenix Partners Group, said, “It is going to be ... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/6/2011

RECESSION MIGHT HIT EUROZONE SOONER THAN EXPECTED     Gold and silver prices were moving up from morning lows. Silver was in positive territory. The persistent negativity coming from Europe is the main factor pushing prices down recently. Georgette Boele, global head of FX and commodity strategy at ABN Amro, said, “We are also seeing a cutback on positioning because the year has been very volatile, and ... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/6/2011

OPTIMISM ABOUNDS, BUT SO DOES DOMINO EFFECT    Precious metals prices were slipping this morning due to worries over the European debt crisis. Gold, specifically, is still widely regarded as a safe-haven asset, though recently it has moved in line with other assets (such as stocks) as investors use the metal as an insurance policy. When inves... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 12/5/2011

S&P PLACES EUROZONE ON NOTICE; RUSSIANS PROTEST ELECTION The price of Gold fell for the day on technical selling. “We have seen Gold moving along in tandem with equities. However, it is way too early to say that Gold will lose its safe-haven status …,” said David Meger, director of metals trading at Vision Financial Markets. The prices are still correlated to what is going on in Europe. The other sho... Read More
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