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Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/10/2012

GREEK SAGA CONTINUES; GOLD, SILVER SHARPLY LOWER   For weeks now, we have seen a similar pattern emerge in both the equity and precious metals markets. If it looks like a Greek debt deal is about to get done, Gold and Silver prices go up. If news comes out indicating it may not get done, Gold and Silver prices go down. Today, Gold, Silver and equity futures were heading lower as this yo-yo action contin... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/9/2012

SAME SONG, DIFFERENT TUNE Precious metals prices were mostly lower this afternoon on news that Greece had secured a debt-resolution deal and will implement austerity measures required to receive the second part of a 130 billion-euro bailout. Some people remain skeptical as to whether this will help Greece and the eurozone debt crisis or just kick the can farther down the road, keeping Gold from falling too far. Another scenario being contemplated is Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/9/2012

GREEK ODYSSEY GETTING OLD; IRAN TRADES GOLD FOR GOODS   Precious metals prices have been on the rise as news continues to trickle out that Greece has reached a bailout deal, causing the euro to rise and the dollar to drop, enhancing the value of Gold. However, happiness with the deal will play a large part in the outcome for Gold. MLV & Co. senior research analyst Rick Trotman said, “If everyone is really happy with it, Gold could trade down. But if ... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/9/2012

JOBLESS CLAIMS FALL AGAIN; GREEK DEAL FINALLY REACHED   U.S. stock futures rose and the U.S. dollar pared losses after the jobless claims report was released this morning. The report showed that claims fell by 15,000 last week, and the four-week moving average dropped by 11,000. The four-week average is typically seen ... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/8/2012

QE3 STILL POSSIBLE, FEDERAL RESERVE OFFICIAL SAYS   John Williams, president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, said today that the Fed might need to launch a third round of asset purchases with printed money, commonly known as quantitative easing, if the economy slows and inflation remains below 2 percent. He said that buyin... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report 2/8/2012

ANALYSTS PREDICT $1,880 FOR GOLD; GREEK CITIZENS FED UP   The Gold price has continued to drop since this morning. A major factor driving Gold down is the ongoing impasse between the Greek government and the European Union in efforts to reach an agreement on monetary spending restraints so Greece can receive its second bailout package. However, Gold has been performing well recently. Gold’s rally has been an indication that investors are not particularly intereste... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/8/2012

GREECE MISSES DEADLINES; IRAN A MILITARY CONCERN?   Precious metals prices have remained relatively steady in overnight trading. Greece’s difficulty in reaching an agreement on its debt crisis continues to be an albatross around the neck of the global economic outlook. Commodity strategist Jeff Friesen said, “If Greece were to agree on everything right away, I don't think it would solve everything, because they will still have to implement the measures. ... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/7/2012

MORE DELAYS FOR GREECE; PIMCO CEO FAVORS GOLD Gold continued its rise this afternoon, ending the day up as the dollar fell. According to Jim Steel, precious metals analyst with HSBC, “We are showing a quite strong rally in the gold market.” Steel pointed to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s statements to Congress today that continued to indicate more monetary easing is on the way,... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/7/2011

MIDDLE EAST IN FOREFRONT AGAIN; HOPE BUILDS ON GREEK DRAFT   Precious metals prices are on the rise since the Morning Gold & Silver Market Report. Greek progress toward debt resolution, concerns over the Middle East and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s congressional testimony have given metals prices traction in their climb highe... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/7/2012

GREEK DRAMA, CHINA’S HOARDING OF GOLD CONTINUES   U.S. stock futures are trading lower this morning, as investors await Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony before the Senate Budget Committee. Analysts are expecting a message similar to the one Bernanke gave to the House Budget Committee last week. UBS stra... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/6/2012

GREEK TRAGEDY BEFALLS STOCKS; TAX HIKE ON THE HORIZON?   Prices for Gold dropped today in response to a rise in the dollar fueled by Greece’s lack of progress in coming to a bailout agreement. Along with other U.S. equities, Gold’s decline comes amid renewed worries that a Greek default could be in the offing and that debt contagion would spread to other European countries. Jason Schenker, president of ... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/6/2012

WILL GLOBAL FEARS SPARK GOLD RALLY TODAY? Precious metals prices have begun to rally off morning lows on growing global economic and geopolitical fears. The Greek debt fears and rising tensions in the Middle East involving Syria and Iran are boosting the safe-haven appeal of precious metals. Gold is being bought by emerging-market central banks as a means to protect their economies from foreign sovereign... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/6/2012

Gold & Silver Retreat on Renewed Greek Debt Concerns For too many weekends in a row, the market has been lead to believe that a deal was imminent between Greece and its private creditors. Today, another deadline has moved on without a deal, and the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are losing patience. French President Nicolas Sarkozy simply said, “We want an accord.” He further sta... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/3/2012

ANALYSTS QUESTION WHETHER WORST HAS PASSED IN U.S.; GREEK BAILOUT MORE THAN EXPECTED? Since the Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report, Gold prices continued to drop in response to the better-than-expected January U.S. unemployment report released this morning. Gold finished the day lower, experiencing its first drop in four sessions. Gold pr... Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/3/2012

MIXED REACTIONS ON IMPROVED U.S UNEMPLOYMENT DATA Precious metals prices reacted with a downward spiral today on the announcement that the unemployment rate dropped considerably for the fifth month in a row. There were mixed reactions in the political parties on what the unemployment rate actually is telling us regarding the condition of the U.S. economy. Alan Kreuger, chairman of President Barack Obama's Council... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/3/2012

UNEMPLOYMENT DIPS; IRAN ADDS TO TENSION WITH U.S.   U.S. stock futures added to early morning gains after the release of the latest unemployment figures. Analysts had estimated that 121,000 jobs were added in January, but the report showed 243,000 new jobs, plus adjusted figures for November and December showing a... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/2/2012

Gold & Silver Up Ahead of Jobs Report While the stock market was relatively flat in anticipation of Friday’s government monthly employment report, gold and silver experienced solid gains on the day. Of course, rising gold and silver prices might have more to do with remarks by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Testifying before Congress, Read More

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/2/2012

GOLD, PLATINUM UP MORE THAN 10% IN 2012; PORTUGAL NEXT FOR BAILOUT?   All precious metals are still in positive territory, as they were earlier this morning. Gold has risen close to 12% this year alone for several reasons. China’s demand in the retail sector is more than 50% greater than last year. India, the world’s largest Gold-buying country, increased its Gold consumption when its currency became stronger. There also is greater demand from Asia. Anne... Read More

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/2/2012

BERNANKE WARNS CONGRESS OF ‘SUDDEN FISCAL CRISIS'   Precious metals prices gained this morning amid a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Bernanke warned Congress that unless fiscal policy is on a sustainable path, this country is at a risk of a sudden fiscal crisis. “Although historical experience and economic the... Read More

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/1/2012

DOLLAR FALLS AS EUROPE LOOKS MORE STABLE    Precious metals prices rose slightly today as the market absorbed positive news surrounding the German economy. This news gave investors a sense of stability in European markets, as investors are hopeful that a resolution to the ongoing saga of European debt wil... Read More

Mid–Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 2/1/2012

OBAMA PUSHES MORTGAGE PLAN; IS THE DOLLAR BILL DOOMED?    Precious metals prices were holding steady this afternoon compared with this morning’s prices. However, despite the lack of fluctuation, this past month has been the strongest January for Gold in more than 30 years. The price of Gold rose more than 11% for the month, the largest gain since August 2011... Read More

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