10 Coolest Coins at APMEX

AMPEX takes pride in being at the top of the game in the industry for e-retailers, but we also commend ourselves on offering coins that exhibit both value and beauty - just browse our marketplace and you'll see what we mean! Don't believe us? Below are the 10 coolest coins you will find for sale here at APMEX.

10. 1 oz Silver Round - We Will Never Forget

The 10th coolest coin on our list is a tribute to those lost in one of the saddest times in American history. This Silver round aims to represent the American spirit and the strength to stand strong and united in times of tragedy. Though many Americans were lost that day, this round is a reminder that they will forever be in the minds and hearts of Americans everywhere.

 9. 2015 Australia 1 oz Silver Funnel-Web Spider BU

Next on our list is this creepy little coin all the way from Australia! The Perth Mint loves to create coins that depict exotic and scary-looking creatures from all around. This Silver coin reminds us that spiders are, indeed, creepy little creatures that can make even the toughest man scream, but also make for beautiful, detailed designs. If you are into creepy crawlies, grab this coin today!

 8. Swiss Gold 20 Francs Helvetia AU

If you are a collector looking for a bit more history in your coins, perhaps you should try this one on for size. These coins were first minted in the 19th century and have been leaving collectors in awe ever since. This representation of the Swiss shield takes you back to a time of majesty and poise, while the opposite side of the coin portrays a woman as the national symbol of Switzerland.

 7. 1 oz Silver American Eagle BU (Random Year)

There's no question why this coin is the most popular American bullion coin! This Silver bullion coin symbolizes patriotism in intricate detail. With each star of the flag, to the stripes that cascade Lady Liberty's dress, every detail was created with care, and it shows.

 6. 2011 Austria 1 oz Silver Philharmonic BU

The sixth coin on our list is the perfect investment for music aficionados of all ages! This sleek coin flawlessly portrays the beauty and power of music in the country of Austria. Containing a number of instruments on one side, the other shows the Musikverein, the famed concert hall home to the Vienna Philharmonic. To hold Austria's beautiful musical culture, purchase this coin right away!

 5. 1 oz Silver Round - Silverbug Fairy Archer

Release your inner child with this whimsical Silver round created for the Reddit Silverbug community! The winged fairy is no longer just a figment of your imagination as she hovers over the globe with her bow in hand. This round is the perfect way to have fun with your investing or to capture the interest of a child!

 4. 2003 South Africa 1 oz Proof Gold Natura Lion

Take a walk on the wild side with these South African Gold coins! Depicting both a lion and a lioness, the detail in the mane of the lion and the dramatic look in the lioness' eyes puts this coin on a completely different level of elegance. Not to mention that this coin has a limited mintage of 2,758 – how much better can it get?

 3. Mexico Gold 20 Pesos AGW .4823

This Gold coin straight from Mexico is considered one of the most intricate on the globe, and you can see why! Great detail has been put into the Aztec calendar, giving you a small but aesthetic blast into the distant past. If you are looking for a coin that will embody the spirit of Mexico, this is the one to choose!

 2. 2012 Canada 1 oz Silver $20 Rhododendron Crystal Dewdrops

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that still would not be enough to describe how immaculate this coin truly is! The flower seems to pop right out of the coin due to its lovely craftsmanship, while the dewdrops on the leaves cause the flower to come to life. It is not every day you come across such a beautifully crafted and vividly colorful coin such as this, so it should be no dispute that this is an excellent way to begin your Precious Metals journey.

 1. 2001 Canada Gold Snake (Hologram)

The coolest coin on our list is hands-down this amazing holographic Canada Gold Snake Coin! How many coins do you know are holographic? This Canadian coin was minted as part of a series paying tribute to the Chinese lunar calendar. In addition to all of the vivid colors and intricate details, the reverse side of this magnificent coin contains an image of the excellent Queen Elizabeth II.

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