The Price of
Silver Pandas Over Time

Why Investing in Collectible Coins is Profitable

Available in Silver and Gold, the Chinese Panda coin series is one of very few in the world that changes designs every year, making it a popular collection and investment coin.

A smart investment exists when the Panda coin value rises above current Gold and Silver prices. Both Gold and Silver Panda coins sell above the current Gold and Silver prices. Their distinct designs are “a real plus to most collectors” (Modern Coin Wholesale), so they consistently sell above Silver and Gold prices.

Numismatists, or coin collectors, agree that Silver Panda coins in particular have an impressive price track record. “Even coins from the past couple years sell for a substantial premium over Silver content,” numismatic journalist Louis Golino wrote ( As shown in the chart below sampling the price of Silver Pandas over time, the Silver Chinese Panda coins sell markedly above the spot price of Silver.

Several factors contribute to the Silver Panda’s collectibility and premium over spot price, including:

  1. Yearly changing designs, presenting immediate collectible appeal
  2. Limited mintage for each issue, creating rarity
  3. Multiple mints are sometimes responsible for one coin issue, resulting in coin variations

When choosing coins for beauty, rarity and profit, it doesn’t get much better than the Silver Panda.

How the Gold Panda and Silver Panda differ

Both the Golden Panda and the Silver Panda coins depict a panda on the reverse side with an image of the Taoist Temple of Heaven on the obverse. They both contain .999 fine Gold or .999 fine Silver and carry a face value backed by the Chinese government. The difference between Silver and Gold prices might be why the Silver Pandas are so popular. Silver Pandas have a lower barrier to entry for investing, with a very likely return!

The many designs of Silver Pandas available at APMEX

All Silver Panda coins are guaranteed by the People’s Bank of China and contain .999 fine Silver. With exception of 2001 and 2002, all coins are unique in design. In 2016, Gold and Silver Pandas started to be produced in metric system sizes to better suit the international appeal of the coins. These gram sizes replaced the troy ounce sizes of previous dates in the series. While not an exact conversion, the new gram sizes provide the closest metric equivalent to the similarly sized ounce counterparts:

  • 1 oz replaced by 30 grams
  • 1/2 oz replaced by 15 grams
  • 1/4 oz replaced by 8 grams
  • 1/10 oz replaced by 3 grams
  • 1/20 oz replaced by 1 gram
Year Image Product Description

First coin of the Silver Panda bullion program. Features a unique abstract grid pattern and a panda eating bamboo. Mintage of 255,000.


Coin displays curious panda atop a rock with large date. Mintage of 69,000.


Panda munching by the water. Mintage of 100,000.


Panda climbing a tree. Mintage of 100,000. Reverse depiction of temple changes this year.