Reasons Why People Buy Precious Metals

People buy Precious Metals for different reasons. The Precious Metals market is the most unique and diverse because of the options available. Precious Metals not only diversify any collector's portfolio, they also provide a level of protection against currency values and economic insecurity. Precious Metals come in a variety of products that suit all levels of investors and collectors. Here are different reasons people buy Precious Metals:

1. Hedging against the economy

As world economies become unstable, buyers are becoming more attuned to Precious Metals buying. Gold values and Silver values remain high and the trading prices of both often flow side by side. Buying Precious Metals is a way to hedge against the economy. In terms of buying Precious Metals, there are smaller products to make it easier for transactions and bartering. The 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf is an example. It weighs in at 1 troy ounce and has a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 3.29 mm. The Silver coin is small, lightweight and holds great value. The China 1 oz Gold Panda is also a coin with tremendous value. It is also small, coming in at 32.05 mm in diameter. A collection of Silver coins or Gold coins with this weight and thickness goes a long way in providing a diverse selection of Precious Metals to hedge against the economy.

2. Silver Stacking

Silver stackers see the Metal as “as a core part of their long-term assets, the base in some cases of the individual's wealth...much more meaningful and visceral to the owners than shares in a stock or a series of bonds they may hold for a period of time.” (Bullion Vault) One purpose of stacking Silver is to “hedge against instability, systemic risk and currency debasement by acquiring a small allocation of Silver.” (Zero Hedge). However, the small allocation becomes larger as time goes on. Silver becomes an abundant resource to the stacker and it is used as a base on which to operate short- and long-term financial plans. Stacking offers flexibility to collectors as well because there is an abundant variety of Silver bars and Silver coins to choose from such as the American Eagles and the Canadian Birds of Prey.

3. Investing

Investing for your future is important, especially in an unsure economy. When people invest in Gold or invest in Silver, they are thinking firmly about their future and are setting long-term financial goals. According to Forbes, “buying metals represents a safe-haven approach to diversification,” and it can act as a hedge against future uncertainties. Investing in Precious Metals is a start, but there is enough diversity in the products alone that your portfolio can cover several bases. The 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar and the Australia 1 oz Platinum Platypus coin are representative of Precious Metal products that can firmly diversify your investment portfolio.

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