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When Will Silver Prices Bounce Back?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/21/2017 With help from a weak U.S. dollar, Silver prices have regained some momentum in recent days. However, DailyFX Market Analyst Paul Robinson says, “We have yet to see the worst [Silver] levels before a meaningful low can form.” ... Read More

Precious Metals Know How to Take a Punch

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/20/2017 As the U.S. dollar weakens and physical demand strengthens, many investors are waiting for Precious Metals to jump. The Street Real Money Reporter David Williams, Jr. says as fall season, spot prices are setting up for a positive finish to the year. Both U.S. and geopolitical events contribute to a pote... Read More

Gold Pulls Back From 2-Week High as U.S. Dollar Steadies

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/19/2017 Gold slipped back near $1,240 an ounce Wednesday as the U.S. dollar regained some strength from its 10-month lows. Jan Harvey with Reuters says ,“Gold prices had risen nearly 2 percent by late Tuesday from early Friday levels as the collapse of U.S. President [Donald] Trump's healthcare bill and waning expectations for further rate hikes from the Federal Re... Read More

Silver Doubles Gold's Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/18/2017 BullionVault.com reports spot Gold price gains of 0.5 percent “were doubled by Silver bullion in London trade Monday as world stock markets stalled at new all-time highs and major government bond prices rose.” Adrian Ash, director of research at BullionVault, said, &... Read More

Spot Gold Hits 2-Week Highs

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/17/2017 Gold prices finally started to show some strength, rebounding nearly 1.5 percent last Friday. It was the highest level in two weeks as “data pointed to weak U.S. inflation, reaffirming doubts that the U.S. central bank would again hike interest rates this year,” Read More

Can Silver Make a Comeback?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/14/2017 Some investors are saying this is a “once-in-a-decade opportunity” to invest in Silver while it is so low, allowing them to stock up. Peter Spina, president and chief executive officer of GoldSeek.com, told MarketWatch, “Now that we have fallen below $16, we are back in what I believe is an extremely a... Read More

Gold Prices Slowly Strengthen

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/13/2017 After Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen signaled the Fed is moving toward a slower path to higher interest rates, Gold prices managed to slowly worked their way up. Investing.com says, “T... Read More

Gold Prices Jump Amid Latest Trump Scandal

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/12/2017 The dollar weakened and investors turned their attention back to Precious Metals over concerns regarding emails showing President Donald Trump's son apparently meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer to assist Moscow in influencing the U.S. election. CNBC reports that emails were released late Tuesday about Trump Jr. ... Read More

Silver, What's Going On?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/11/2017 Silver prices crashed Friday, experiencing their lowest levels in 15 months, after the U.S. jobs report posted unexpected gains. Prices are slowly working their way back to $16 per ounce but investors remain leery without a steady uptrend. Many just want to know if this losing streak will continue or if the gray metal will start to make a comeback. Furthermore, Read More

Precious Metal Prices are on the Move!

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/07/2017 According to DailyFX, Silver dropped almost 11 percent in less than a minute during afterhours trading Thursday. Unfortunately, there are no current indications to this “crash” or why it happened, and it is extending to all Precious Metals, not just Silver... Read More

Why Most Precious Metal Miners Have Fallen

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/06/2017 As market prices for Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum dropped Monday due to a stronger U.S. dollar, most mining shares also experienced a downturn. Market Realist Reporter Meera Shawn lists four mining stocks trading below their 20-day moving averages. However, Shawn says, “A subs... Read More

Concerns Surrounding North Korea Helped Gold Prices, But Not For Long

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/05/2017 ANZ Research said in a note, “Safe-haven buying re-emerged in the Gold market after the latest missile test in North Korea,” while the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting minutes are also in focus. On Wednesday, North Korea said its newly developed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) can carry a large nuclear warhead, triggering a call by Washington for global action to hold it accountable fo... Read More

Silver Prices Struggle as U.S. Dollar Stabilizes

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 07/03/2017 Financial analysis with EconomicCalendar.com Sam Bourgi says that buying pressure for the grey metal faded after a very volatile first 6 months of this year. To recap, he said “Gold and Silver booked losses last week even as the U.S. dollar plunged to ten-month lows.” An additional contribu... Read More

The “Yo-Yo” Market

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/30/2017 CNN Money reporter Paul La Monica said that the Dow dropped more than 165 points Thursday, Nasdaq tumbled nearly 1.5 percent, and tech leaders such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook were also all lower. The day prior, however, Nasdaq especially experienced one of their best days in m... Read More

What Could Happen to Silver Prices in July?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/29/2017 As the month of June comes to an end, it is easier to see the price of Silver trends over the past 30 days. Even with a Federal Reserve interest rate hike and a spot price decline overall, the gray metal has shown positive signs of an increase. Gold Eagle News Reporter Darren Capriotti questions if the absen... Read More

Oil Surprise of 0.85 Million Barrel Inventory

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/28/2017 After a 2.7 million barrel draw last week, the American Petroleum Institute inventory data for the week ending June 23 recorded a 0.85 million-barrel increase. Tim Clayton, contributing author for EconomicCalendar.com, says markets expected a draw of 2.6 million barrels so for t... Read More

Spot Gold Declines in Preparation of Yellen Speech

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/27/2017 Gold continued its drop Tuesday ahead of Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's speech, which could give clues on the pace of possible U.S. interest rate hikes for the coming months. Moreover, Reuters Reporter Nithin Prasad said, “The U.S. dollar hit a one-month high against the [Japanese] yen and rebounded against the euro on Monday ... Read More

Gold Prices Firm on Weaker Dollar

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/23/2017 The softening U.S. dollar, down 0.2 percent, along with risk aversion due to geopolitical events boosted the safe-haven appeal of Precious Metals Friday. Brian Lan, managing director at Gold dealer GoldSilver Central in Singapore, said , “The political situation in the United States, the UK, and North Korea-related developments are among the other factors creating a safe-haven demand for Gold. ... Gold is used as an alt... Read More

Is It Time For Silver to Shine?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/22/2017 The high Gold/Silver price ratio, which rose to its highest level since March 2016, could spur Silver demand and make the gray metal the metal of choice, according to Kathleen Brooks with City Index. World markets and stocks have been tough to follow, but the volatility is what investors are weighing on for hopes of some ... Read More

Spot Gold Prices Mark Lowest Settlement in Five Weeks

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/21/2017 Comments from the Federal Reserve raised investor concerns as talk of one more 2017 interest rate hike is in the works. According to FactSet data, prices for yellow metal futures ended at their lowest since May 16. Furthermore, the U.S. dollar strengthened, causing the investment appeal of Precious Metals to dull. Until there is any clarity of what happens next, “economic and interest-rate policy uncertainty will contin... Read More

Could Palladium be 2017’s Top-Performing Commodity?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/20/2017 Chip Chipman with Bloomberg News says in regards to main commodities, Palladium is out-performing them all so far this year. To further explain, Chipman says, “The metal is up 32 percent... Read More

Temperature of U.S. Economy is Running Cold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/16/2017 Although economists still project growth for the second quarter, Reporter Steve Matthews with BloombergMarkets.com notes, “The Bloomberg U.S. Economic Surprise Index, which measures whether incoming economic data beat or miss expectations of surveyed economists, fell below zero Thursday for t... Read More

Hawkish Tone Unnerves Markets Around the World

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/15/2017 After raising interest rates for the second time in 2017, the Federal Reserve left markets surprised. Jed Graham with Investors.com reports, “Most Fed policymakers still expect another rate hike in 2017 and three more next year. The central bank also said it will start to normalize its massive... Read More

How the Fed Meeting Impacts Precious Metals

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/14/2017 Many, if not all, investors are watching the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting Wednesday, which will provide clear insight on whether the Federal Reserve will keep the interest rate stagnant or increase it and if they are planning future rate hikes. Meera Shawn with MarketRealist explains higher rates offered on Treas... Read More

Silver ‘Undervalued’ In Comparison to Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/13/2017 Director of research at BullionVault, Adrian Ash, says Precious Metal prices dropped again Tuesday “to one- and 3-week lows [for Gold and Silver] respectively as world stock markets rallied despite fresh political wrangling and uncertainty around the U.K.'s general election and looming Brexit ne... Read More

Price of Gold Starts To Rise

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/12/2017 The U.S. Federal Reserve policy meeting taking place Tuesday and Wednesday caused Asian stocks to fall as the U.S. dollar to ease slightly, as investors expect the meeting minutes to give hints as to the pace of future 2017 interest rate increases. Also from these expectations, the price of Gold started to work its way up on growing worries. It is almost certain the Fed... Read More

Gold Jumps after U.K. Election

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/09/2017 The results of Thursday's election in the U.K. sent shock waves through the markets, causing Precious Metals including Gold to rally, but Bloomberg Market Reporter Eddie Van Der Walt says only for British investors. Furthermore, Palladium prices surged more almost 8 percent to their highest since 2... Read More

European Central Bank Decision Causes Drop in Gold Prices

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/08/2017 Gold prices are set to continue their declines as investors prepare for what MarketWatch News Editor Rachel Koning-Beals says is “a flurry of potentially market-moving news around the globe.” In recent news, the European Central Bank (ECB), which could prove bearish for ... Read More

The Spot Price of Gold Could be Heading Much Higher

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/07/2017 The price of Gold hit its highest since the night of the U.S. presidential election in November and many investors say there is more to come. Rich Ross, technical analyst with Evercore ISI, said Tuesday on CNBC's " Read More

Silver On Track to Reach High Target

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/06/2017 Money Morning Reporter Peter Krauth says, “With last week's 1.2 percent gain, the price of Silver in 2017 is now up 9.9 percent to $17.58 [per ounce].” He says the rate of Silver prices could run into overhead resistance, leaving the price in a bullish state. In the m... Read More

Stock, Bonds, Gold and Silver Go Up

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/05/2017 With a disappointing jobs report, Precious Metals, especially Silver prices, started to take off Friday. In just three hours, reporter Keith Weiner with GoldSeek.com said Gold and Silver “gained $18 and 39 cents [respectively].” Not only did Gold and Silver prices go up, so did stocks and even ... Read More

Gold Value Pauses Ahead of Non-farm Payrolls Data

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/02/2017 President Donald Trump’s announcement Thursday that the U.S. would pull out of the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement, a 195-country accord to mitigate global warming, caused Gold prices to retreat. Markets now look for the release of U.S. non-farms payroll data. Gold Seek News reported, “General consensus is that 210,000 new positions were added in May. Ho... Read More

Value of Gold Falls

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 06/01/2017 MarketWatch Market and Commodities Reporters Myra Saefong and Rachel Koning Beals report that “a robust snapshot of private-sector hiring provided support for the dollar and backed expectations for a U.S. interest-rate hike later this month,” causing Gold prices to fall Thursday. Payr... Read More

Dollar Rally Causes Silver Value to Drop

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 05/31/2017 The U.S. dollar has regained strength, causing Silver prices to drop again. However, the gray metal held its ground and investors hope it will even out with pressure from a possibility of higher interest rates. Economic Calendar Reporter Sam Bourgi said the dollar has “regained its footing over the past week after a series of heavy losses ... [ben... Read More

Spot Gold Reaches One-Month Highs

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 05/30/2017 After setting a one-month high early Tuesday morning, Gold rates eased on political worries surrounding Europe. Reuters Reporter Zandi Shabalala said the yellow metal “benefited from a risk-averse mood in global markets along with the Japanese yen and U.S. Treasuries.” A British electi... Read More

Silver Rates on Track for Second Straight Weekly Gain

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 05/26/2017 Spot Silver prices were on track for a second consecutive of week gains with help from a weaker U.S. dollar and risk aversion. Economic Calendar Reporter Sam Bourgi reported, “The dollar declined slightly against the [Japanese] yen after government da... Read More

Spot Gold Prices Find Support After FOMC Meeting

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 05/25/2017 Following Wednesday’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, spot Gold prices regained traction within the market. Pablo Piovano with FXStreet said, “Members of the Committee have suggested as well that further evidence of the ‘transitory’ slowdown ... Read More

Gold Prices Drop From 3-Week High

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 05/24/2017 With the U.S. dollar finding support on a weakened euro following a suspected terror attack in England, Precious Metal prices settled lower Tuesday, with Gold retreating from its three-week high. Financial markets were cautious following the apparent suicide bombing at a concert venue in Manchester. Still, Silver and Gold rates continue looking for clues regarding an interest rate hike next month. Bill Baruch, chief market st... Read More

Gold Charts Signal A Breakout

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 05/23/2017 CNBC Senior Producer Gina Francolla and News Associate Fred Imbert said spot Gold prices are up almost 10 percent in 2017 and after Monday's reports, analysts say the yellow metal could be “primed for more gains.” To break this down, Gold prices saw a small gain, “enough to pu... Read More

Trump Causes Double-Edged Sword for Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 05/22/2017 Although Gold prices may continue to rise as investors look to that safe-haven asset, Michael Cuggino, president and portfolio manager at a San Francisco-based fund, says they could drop if the U.S. political turmoil curbs inflation risks on disappointing growth. Ranjeetha Pakiam with Bloomberg ... Read More

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