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Gold Prices Slip as Market Awaits U.S. Healthcare Vote

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/24/2017 The dollar rose, pushing Precious Metal prices downward, as many investors await results of the healthcare reform being pushed by President Donald Trump. Reuters reported, “A rough ride for the healthcare plan could affect Trump's efforts to cut taxes and boost infrastructure, with t... Read More

Gold Price Rallies Again

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/23/2017 Paul Whitfield with TheStreet says spot Gold prices have gained “more than 2 percent since mid-March as economic fundamentals lined up to support a rally,” and many think this rally could continue especially after Thursday's discussi... Read More

Mining Stocks Keep an Eye on Precious Metals

When it comes to price movements, Precious Metal mining companies, who Market Realist Reporter Meera Shawn says belong to the equity category of assets, tend to follow the Precious Metals market for movements within their prices. Furthermore, mining shares are also affected by global implications such as political and market uncertainty, ... Read More

Spot Gold Tries to Gain Momentum

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/21/2017 Although the financial market is able to withstand being pulled in different directions, Clyde Russell with Economic Times says that Gold is not able to do so. Investors were shocked to see spot Gold prices increase ... Read More

Gold Prices Cut with Hedge Funds Surprised

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/20/2017 Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's comments last Wednesday regarding future 2017 interest rate hikes “sparked the biggest Gold rally since November,” Bloomberg reporter Luzi-Ann Javier said. “Negative yields give an advantage to [Precious Metals], which some investors consider a st... Read More

Gold Spot Prices Rise to the Occasion

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/17/2017 Gold sees gains as investors seek to hedge against U.S. dollar weakness following Wednesday’s interest rate hike. Rosland Capital Senior Economic Adviser Jeffrey Nichols explains there is a rush to Gold over equities as “a competition between the two markets in the short term looks like Gold will win.” Many investors anticipate further inflation worldwide as not only the Federal Reserve but also other centra... Read More

Gold and Silver Spot Prices Soar

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/16/2017 Following the U.S. Federal Reserve meeting where they announced the next interest rate increase, the U.S. dollar dropped to its lowest in more than a month, causing Precious Metal stocks to surge over one percent Thursday morning. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the central bank would stick to gradual interest rate hikes, even if inflation runs above its 2 percent target. Read More

European Poll Worries Cause Gold to Rise

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/15/2017 Reuters reported the outcome of Dutch elections has caused a bit of uncertainty throughout markets Wednesday while many await the outcome of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting, causing spot Gold prices to rise. Now that everyone believes an interest rate increase is certain, investors have... Read More

Spot Gold is Steady

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/14/2017 Spot Gold prices began to balance out early Tuesday as investors await the two-day U.S. Federal Reserve meeting, where interest rates are expected to be raised. An uptick in inflation, the strengthening U.S. jobs market and uncertainty surrounding the upcoming elections in Europe all point to a rate hike. Read More

Gold Finally on the Rise

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/13/2017 After nine straight sessions of losses, led by strong expectations of an interest rate hike at the Federal Reserve's Wednesday meeting, Gold prices are finally turning positive early Monday morning due to “uncertainty surrounding elections in the Netherlands” MarketWatch News Editor Rachel Koning Bea... Read More

Is Silver Undervalued?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/10/2017 In comparison to ancient times, modern-day Silver prices are ridiculously low. Dominic Frisby with SilverSeek.com compares the salary wages of medieval workers to those of construction workers today and his results are surprising, saying that of course &ldquo... Read More

How Trump Affects the Price of Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/09/2017 There is no doubt President Donald Trump has made his fair share of promises to help spur economic growth. However, investors remain watchful with talk of adding nearly $1 trillion to the U.S. debt, which could cause safe-haven assets such as Gold and Silver to increase in demand. “To the extent we have a large amount of debt that's yielding 0 or close to 0, it co... Read More

Could the Price of Precious Metals Bounce Back?

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/08/2017 According to Forex.com, “Market participants have apparently reduced their holdings in buck-denominated Precious Metals.” The question is, is it possible for Precious Metals prices to rebound for the second half of this week? Although the dollar sh... Read More

Silver Prices Looking to Continue Losses

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/07/2017 Market Analyst Paul Robinson with DailyFX said Silver prices are “on the verge of breaking an important trend-line rising up from the December low.” Although the gray metal did bounce for a day, momentum from recent news of a mid-March interest ... Read More

Silver Prices Snapped Back

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/06/2017 As the stock market steadied following Thursday's 4 percent plunge, which shaved $2 billion from the futures market, Silver prices regained momentum early Monday morning. Despite last week’s decline that pushed the gray metal into negative territory after nearly two months of solid increases, Read More

Gold Heads for Worst Week since November

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/03/2017 With a U.S. interest rate hike set for mid-March, the chances of a Gold rally soon are slim. "With [U.S. Federal Reserve] President Janet Yellen on the wires tonight, we look to see further weakness across the precious complex should she, as expected, promote the potential for an interest rate increase in March," MKS PAMP Group trader Sam Laughlin said. According to Read More

Gold Prices Drop for Third Straight Session

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/02/2017 Gold futures were set to drop Thursday “for a third straight session as increasing expectations for a rate increase, as early as mid-March, and continued optimism about global economic growth dulled the appeal of Precious Metals,” MarketWatch News Editor Rachel Koning Beals reported. Remarks by Federa... Read More

Silver and Gold Prices Drop

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 03/01/2017 With recent hints of a possible March interest rate increase, Gold prices began to drop early Wednesday morning. San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams said late Tuesday that an interest rate rise “is on the table for serious consideration” at the Fed’s policy meeting scheduled for mid-March. Comments from New York Federal Reserve Presid... Read More

Uncertainty for Gold Bulls

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/28/2017 Gold spot prices could be in danger depending on what President Donald Trump discusses in Tuesday's address to Congress regarding higher interest rates, potentially causing the dollar to rally. Although many investors want President Trump to provide more details regarding his economic stimulus plans, Henry Sanderson with Fi... Read More

Gold Price Holds Near 3 1/2 Month High

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/27/2017 Pratima Desai with Reuters said Gold prices were softer Monday, “near to the 3 1/2 month highs hit last week as investors waited for U.S. President Donald Trump to outline plans for tax cuts, infrastructure spending, and levies on imports and foreign policy.” Danske Bank analys... Read More

Gold Prices Rise Before Trump Speech

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/24/2017 Investors are wary heading into the weekend, before President Donald Trump addresses the U.S. House and Senate Tuesday. Bloomberg Markets reporter Robert Brand said, “Global stocks retreated, erasing gains for the week as a glum set of European corporate earnings compounded investor nervousness b... Read More

Silver Prices Hold Regardless of Dollar Strength

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/23/2017 The fact that both Silver prices as well as Gold prices have improved while the U.S. dollar has strengthened is definitely worth mentioning. "Last week’s [Consumer Futures Trading Commission] data, up to the close on February 14, showed the net long fund position (NLFP) climbed 6,535 contracts to 84,812 contracts," William Adams with Read More

Gold Prices Recover Ground Following US PMI Disappointment

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/22/2017 Although Gold prices saw pressure Wednesday from a strengthening dollar in Asia, a weaker than expected PMI and political uncertainty triggered a reversal in trends with Gold. EconomicCalendar.com reporter Tim Clayton said, “The dollar pushed higher... Read More

Hedge Funds Taking Profits in Gold

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/21/2017 According to latest trade data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, hedge funds took profits in Gold for the first time in three weeks as prices hit nearly a three-month high. “Strong U.S. economic data, speculation the U.S. administration will deliver fiscal stimulus, along with [Federal Reserve] statements pointing to possible imminent rate hikes convi... Read More

Yellen Can’t Halt Trump Gold Rally

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/20/2017 Bloomberg Markets reporter Luzi-Ann Javier said Gold bulls “should’ve had more faith,” acting as if they can’t believe a good thing when it’s happening. Right before Gold prices neared a two-month high and capped ... Read More

BlackRock Backs Gold Hedge to Market Risk

Susanne Barton with Bloomberg.com said, "Stocks have rallied to records amid signs of stabilization in China’s economy and bets that President Donald Trump will boost U.S. infrastructure spending, roll back regulations, and cut taxes." Russ Koesterich, who helps manage the $41 billion BlackRock Global Allocation Fund, said that although investors are optimist... Read More

The Price of Silver is On a Big Tear in 2017

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/16/2017 The Gold price has received a lot of buzz so far in 2017; however, Coin World reporter Joe O’Donnell said since Christmas, “the price of Silver has enjoyed an even steeper climb.” An article by Read More

How the Equity Market is Impacting Gold

As further movements in the Gold price are currently unclear, investors seem to be in a fix. Market Realist Reporter Meera Shawn said, “The world famous and widely used SPDR Gold Shares ETF has risen approximately 11 percent in 2017 so far.” With equity markets as a crucial part of the overall economy, the changes in Precious Metals over... Read More

Trump Rally Gives Way to Caution As Yellen Testimony Looms

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/14/2017 Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is scheduled to give her semi-annual testimony Tuesday, where she is expected to give clues to when the next U.S. interest rate increase will occur. Caution set in ahead of her remarks, flatlining stock and dropping the U.S. dollar. Reuters... Read More

Silver Price Uptrend Continues To Strengthen

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/13/2017 Bruce Powers, Commodities reporter with Investing.com, said Silver prices “[have] been in a rising trend channel for the past seven weeks, ever since hitting a bottom at 15.64 [per ounce] in December. As of last week’s high, Silver was up 15.1 percent off that Dece... Read More

Gold Prices Slump as Tax Cut Hopes Revive the Trump Trade

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/10/2017 Gold prices plummet as tax cut hopes revive “Trump trade” White House news-flow may overshadow consumer confidence data Ilya Spivak, Senior Currency Strategist with Read More

Not Much Change in Silver Prices for Narrow Trade

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/09/2017 As political uncertainty keeps Precious Metal demand high, Silver edged slightly higher Thursday set for another week of gains. EconomicCalendar.com reporter Sam Bourgi notes, “The grey metal has surged nearly 11 percent since the start of January. Its technical indicators su... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/07/2017 According to Peter Krauth, resource specialist with Money Morning, the price of Silver is up 9.3 percent year to date, as of Feb. 3. Since taking office Jan. 20, President Donald Tru... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/06/2017 According to Independent Strategy Ltd.’s David Roche, who has about 45 years of experience covering markets, said that Gold will climb about 6 percent through the end of the year as investors seek a shelter from the rising political risk surrounding President Donald Trump. It’s no surprise that Trump’s first two weeks in office have been eventful, and Trump has fired up inves... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/03/2017 According to Gaurav Sharma with International Business Times, “Investors searching for a safe haven in the wake of a series of unpredictable political developments sent Gold demand rocketing to a three-year high. In its annual appraisal of the market, the World Gold Council (WGC) said investors' takings via exchang... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/02/2017 On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Reserve met for the first time since President Donald Trump took office, announcing they would keep interest rates unchanged. This news weakened the dollar, helping Gold prices hit a more than one-week high Thursday. Despite not changing interest rates, the Fed did paint a relatively upbeat picture of the U.S. economy and even suggested monetary... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 02/01/2017 As GoldSeek reports, new research confirms in addition to Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bullion all act as safe havens during economic uncertainty, which is particularly prevalent due to the impacts of Brexit on the UK and the eurozone along with financial and geopolitical risk under newly-elected Presiden... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/31/2017 As U.S. equity markets dropped and the U.S. dollar index weakened Tuesday morning, EconomicCalendar.com’s Tracy Morganthall says Gold prices benefited from a return to a risk-off sentiment.  Based on volume in the contracts, Morganthall said, “The front month in Gold futures has transitioned from February to April.” Equity m... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/30/2017 Propped up by a weaker dollar and sluggish economic data from the U.S., Gold prices edged up today while the Lunar New Year holiday in Asia was seen limiting gains. Analysts have sharply scaled back expectations for Gold prices this year after the yellow metal's weak fourth-quarter performance, with the prospect of further U.S. interest rate hikes and a bumper year for stocks... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/27/2017 Silver spot prices declined Friday and are looking at their first weekly loss in five on stronger risk appetite and profit-taking. “For the week, the gray metal is on track to lose nearly 2 percent,” Sam Bourgi with EconomicCalendar.com reports. “Gold’s premium over ... Read More


Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 01/26/2017 Gold prices were declining Thursday morning as “a rally in U.S. equities offset support from uncertainty over the new U.S. administration’s policies and a weaker [U.S.] dollar,” Nasdaq reports. “Spot Gold prices were down 0.34 percent at $1,196.12 per ounc... Read More

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