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Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/22/2016

NEVER A DULL DAY WITH SILVER It has been a busy year for the Silver market, it rallied from $13.60 in December 2015 all the way up to highs of $21.25 in the wake of the Brexit shocker in late June and early July. Following the surprising results from the recent U.S. election in early November, Silver is recovering back to the $19 per ounce level with time. However, as the dollar also rallied and bond prices lowered, Precious ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/21/2016

OIL PRICES STENGTHEN AS THE DOLLAR WEAKENS Nigel Stephenson says that “Oil prices rose to three-week highs on Monday, supported by a weak dollar and helping to nudge a gauge of inflation expectations in the euro zone to its highest since January.” In addition to oil, gas and other commodity-related shares increased which then increased European stock markets. The oil's rise comes as markets have been bracing for higher inflation if U.S. President-elect Donald Trump implements some ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/18/2016

THE MOST TRADED PRECIOUS METAL Wall Street Survivor says that Silver has maintained a positive market demand as an investment, currency, and store of value for thousands of years. In addition to that, his Precious Metal also features in the stocks exchange as a traded product. So why should you add Silver to your collection? For starters the supply and demand categories for Silver contribute to its unique characteristics, and the metal also has been in existence for thousands of ye... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/17/2016

THE UNCERTAINTY OF PRECIOUS METALS It’s evident that a lot is going to be changing in the U.S. but the big question is what is going to change for the Precious Metals industry? Peter Coy from the Bloomberg Business Week says that one of the biggest obstacles for the new President isn’t politics but instead, money. With all of the recent promises made by President-Elect Trump such as tax cuts, producing better trade deals, building walls, repealing/replacing Obamacare, opening more ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 11/15/2016

THE MARKET MOVES SPORADICALLY WITH THE RECENT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION With the recent Presidential Election outcome, most are seeing and feeling the movement of the Precious Metals market.  Although Trump won’t take office for another few months, the market wasted no time. Naeem Aslam, Chief Market Analyst at ThinkMarkets said, “Gold had a really bad week” with the price of Gold dropping as much as 1% to t... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/27/2016

GOLD INCHES HIGHER, MARKET SEEKS INTEREST RATE DIRECTION; U.S. SPENDING TEPID, LABOR MARKET FIRMING Investors continue to expect an interest rate increase from the Federal Reserve but the timing remains the biggest question. Gold is viewed as a safe haven during times of economic turmoil and political uncertainty but is also sensitive to rate hikes, which boost the U.S. dollar in which it is priced. " Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/20/2016

GOLD EASES AFTER 3 DAY RISE FOLLOWING COMMENTS FROM ECB AND HOME SALES The European Central Bank left interest rates unchanged Thursday helping boost the euro. The ECB continues to provide stimulus in an effort to prop up its economy with keeping interest rates at all-time lows. Extreme low rates tend to help support the precious metal even with a weaker currency. Spot Gold was down 0.2 percent at $1,266.40 per ounce as the dollar index rose against a basket of cur... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/19/2016

GOLD RISES ON WEAK U.S. DOLLAR; WHEN WILL THE FED RAISE RATES? The U.S. dollar fell further against other major currencies due to weak economic data, boosting Gold Wednesday.  With U.S. economic data “not nearly as robust as was hoped, there are now expectations of, at least, a mild recession in the U.S. next year.  The U.S. cannot afford even a mild one.  Certainly, the [Federal Reserve] cannot afford a[n interest] rate hike just ahead of one,” Julian Phillip... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/17/2016

GOLD, SILVER GAIN AS THE DOLLAR STRUGGLES Gold and Silver prices are up slightly Monday as investors return from the weekend.  Although Gold has been on a downturn recently, a decline in the dollar along with increased demand for metals and ETFs has provided support.  Even with the recent decline, some analysts still expect Gold to continue rising by year’s end.  Commerz... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/14/2016

CONSUMER DATA SPEECH LOWERS GOLD SLIGHTLY Spot Gold is down slightly Friday while the dollar is up ahead of U.S. consumer data Friday morning and an afternoon speech from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. The Fed’s slow interest rate hikes have dampened the market. The next Fed meeting is in November, but there is only a 60 percent chan... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 10/3/2016

METALS LOOK FOR DIRECTION AHEAD OF JOBS REPORT Precious Metal prices declined during early Monday trading hours on manufacturing that boosted the U.S. dollar. However, with jobs data set to be released later this week, many investors will wait to begin speculating about a potential December interest rate hike. Societe Generale analyst Robin Bhar said, “Prices are slowly drifting lower ...... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 9/30/2016

GOLD, DOLLAR UP SLIGHTLY AS STOCKS SLIDE Spot Gold is up Friday due to concerns about Deutsche Bank, as a report that several hedge funds withdrew excess funds from Germany’s biggest lender triggered a sharp equities selloff.  The yellow metal would be slightly higher, but a positive dollar limited its gains. Gold has gained one percent so far in September, due partly to the weaker dolla... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 9/26/2016

METALS LOOK FOR DIRECTION AHEAD OF PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE After ending last week at a two-week high, Gold is continuing to gain with other Precious Metals searching for direction.  Gold is benefiting from a slumping dollar and a bump in oil prices. Sluggishness in the global economy and the U.S. Federal Reserve deciding to keep rates the same for the time being has boosted Gold’s safe-haven appeal.  Commerzbank analyst Eugen Weinberg said, “The dollar is a bit weaker ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 9/23/2016

GOLD MOVES TOWARD TWO-WEEK HIGH; FED STEADY ON NO RATE INCREASE Gold edged toward a two-week high Friday and remained headed for its biggest gain in nearly two months.  The Federal Reserve is still leaning toward a slow and careful approach to raising interest rates, though investors expect a hike in December.  The yellow metal is sensitive to any interest rate change.  Spot Gold w... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 9/22/2016

GOLD DOWN AS DECEMBER U.S. RATE HIKE MORE LIKELY; NASDAQ HITS RECORD HIGH AS RATES UNCHANGED The U.S. Federal Reserve remained steadfast and left interest rates unchanged for September but signaled a hike is likely by the end of the year. Spot Gold fell 0.2 percent while Gold futures rose 0.5 percent on the news. Upcoming data, such as the GDP, non-farm payrolls and inflation, will be scrutinized for clues to U.S. economic health and which direction interest rates ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 9/16/2016

GOLD DOWN, SET FOR SLIGHT WEEKLY DECLINE               Spot Gold was down Friday after U.S. data further dropped expectations of a September interest rate increase from the Federal Reserve. The dollar is trading higher, pushing the yellow metal toward its first loss in three weeks. "Gold didn't get much of a bounce yester... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 9/15/2016

GOLD SLIPS ON STEADIER DOLLAR AHEAD OF FED MEETING; U.S. RETAIL SALES DIM FED SEPTEMBER RATE HIKE PROSPECTS The U.S. Federal Reserve’s next policy meeting is set for September 20-21 and investors await clues to the policymakers’ next move. The dollar edged upward Thursday as demand for Gold slipped slightly.  Speculation for a September rate hike remains low but the possibility of a hike before year’s end is still on the table.  As Gold is high... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 9/12/2016

MARKETS QUIET AHEAD OF SURPRISE FED SPEAKER Precious Metal prices are on the decline during Monday morning trading hours as investors await a much-anticipated Federal Reserve speaker, Lael Brainard’s comments at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.  Many are anticipating Brainard’s comments to hint at a potential interest rate hike later this month Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 9/9/2016

GOLD SLIPS SLIGHTLY, STILL SET FOR SECOND WEEKLY GAIN Gold is down for a third-straight day Friday but is set to see a second weekly gain as expectations for a Federal Reserve interest rate increase fade again.  The dollar gained some ground over the uncertainty and the yellow metal is sensitive to the rising rates.  Spot Gold was down 0.25 percent to $1,334.60 per ounce at 1152 GMT... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 9/1/2016

GOLD DROPS AHEAD OF U.S. JOBS DATA; IMF LIKELY TO CUT GROWTH OUTLOOK A positive non-farm payrolls report Friday may be what the Federal Reserve needs to stay on track with raising interest rates. The labor market remains strong with fewer-than-expected unemployment claims last week. Spot Gold reached a two-month low as investors await the upcoming economic data. "Generally speaking the U.S. economy seems to have improved over the past few weeks and the interes... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/29/2016

DOLLAR GAINS ON INTEREST RATE SPECULATION Precious Metal prices continue their recent trend of volatility as investors return from the weekend.  Comments by Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen this past Friday signaled investors to speculate a sooner-than-later interest rate increase this year.  This news boosted the dollar and pressured metals.  Pradeep Unni, head o... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/26/2016

GOLD UP AHEAD OF FED SPEECH; LACK OF RATE INCREASE COULD BE HURTING ECONOMY Spot Gold is up Friday ahead of Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s speech.  Investors are waiting to see if interest rates increase and today’s speech could be a good indicator. Gold has fallen steadily since the last U.S. job report came out. If there is no decisive news Friday, Gold could remain caught in its... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/25/2016

GOLD SLIPS TO 4-WEEK LOW AWAITING FED POLICY; U.S. JOBLESS CLAIMS FALL Central bankers are gathered for the annual Economic Policy Symposium in Jackson Hole, WY this week as investors await Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s speech Friday, hoping for clues to when the Fed will increase interest rates. Positive U.S. data along with expectations of a rate hike has Gold slipping to a four-week low. "Initial jobless claims were a good sign," Natixis analyst... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/24/2016

UPCOMING FED MEETING ALREADY MOVING MARKETS The market is already anticipating Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaking Friday, August 26 at the Federal Reserve of Kansas City's annual Economic Policy Symposium, held in Jackson Hole, Wyo.  Analysts believe Yellen will refrain from commenting on the timing of increased interest rates and instead focus on risk management and global financial conditions.  "The market is hoping that she's going to gi... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/19/2016

DOLLAR SET FOR WEEKLY LOSS; GOLD DOWN FROM TWO-WEEK HIGH The dollar edged up 0.2 percent Friday, though the lack of evidence whether the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates this year gave the dollar a more than 1 percent loss against other currencies for the week.  The most recent Fed minutes show the committee split on the decision of the increase.  "The dollar has j... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/17/2016

FED MINUTES RELEASED TODAY; U.S. ECONOMIC RECESSION FORECAST Precious Metal prices fell short Wednesday ahead of the minutes from July’s Federal Reserve policy meeting, which are expected to provide indication into when they plan to increase interest rates.  “It is a game of wait-and-see as far the dollar is concerned, and by extension buck-d... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/15/2016

PRECIOUS METALS LOOKING FOR DIRECTION AHEAD OF FED MINUTES Precious Metal prices haven’t gained much ground during Monday morning trading hours as investors return from the weekend.   After seeing a recent surge, prices have been looking for direction as Gold has held around the closely watched resistance point of $1,350.  The most recent FOMC minut... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/12/2016

GOLD DOWN AWAITING U.S. DATA Gold is down slightly Friday morning ahead of the U.S. retail report.  This report will liken the speculation that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this December after the election. Spot Gold was up 0.1 percent at $1,339.90 an ounce by 1205 GMT, while U.S. Gold slipped 0.4 percent to $1,345.10 an ounce. Holdings of SPDR Gold Trust, the world's largest Gold-backed exchange-traded fund, fell 0.03 percent to 972.32 tonnes on Thur... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/11/2016

GOLD CLIMBS BACK ABOVE $1,350 AS DOLLAR HIKE SLOWS ; U.S. LABOR MARKET STRENGTHENING WHILE INFLATION REMAINS STAGNANT Concerns over U.S. monetary policies continue and have the dollar giving up some gains against other currencies. Gold climbed back above the $1,350 per ounce Thursday morning. A key factor in Gold prices continues to be when, and if, the Federal Reserve will implement another interest rate increase this year. " Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/10/2016

WEAK DOLLAR SUPPORTS PRECIOUS METALS; STOCK MARKET CRASH FORECAST Gold and Silver both soared Wednesday as the U.S. dollar fell compared to other major currencies.  The boost was much needed after Friday’s better-than-expected jobs report that lifted the dollar and pressured Precious Metals.  UBS strategist Joni Teves shared her thoughts on what could challenge the yellow metal, noting a “stronger dollar and positive risk sentiment on back of upbeat U.S. data.” Te... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/4/2016

GOLD UP AFTER BANK OF ENGLAND CUTS RATES; U.S. JOBLESS CLAIMS RISE AS LAYOFFS INCREASE In an effort to ease the effect of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, the Bank of England cut interest rates for the first time since 2009 and said it will buy an additional 60 billion pounds of debt. "The revision in expectations for monetary policy in the U.S., Japan, the eurozone and the UK has played a big role in the rise in the Gold price so far this year, and... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 8/1/2016

METALS ON THE MOVE AS GDP DISAPPOINTS Precious Metals continue their recent run, gaining momentum during Monday afternoon trading hours. After seeing a small pullback Monday morning, Gold is on the rise as Silver hits a three-week high.  Economic reports show U.S. GDP only grew 1.2 percent in the second quarter, far less than the 2.6 percent growth economists expected.  T... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/29/2016

GOLD ON TRACK FOR  MONTHLY GAIN Spot Gold steadied Friday morning as the bank of Japan expanded its monetary stimulus.  Even through a modest increase in purchases of exchange-traded funds, yielding to pressure from the government and financial markets for bolder action to spur growth and accelerate inflation towards its 2 percent target,coupled with the dollar retreating, has boosted Gold. Spot Gold was down 0.1 percent at $1,334.70 an ounce at 12:07 GMT, on track for it... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/28/2016

GOLD FIRMS AFTER NO RATE RISE SIGNAL; U.S. LABOR MARKET STILL STRONG The Federal Reserve left rates unchanged following their meeting Wednesday, though they insist an interest rate increase will happen this year. Gold rallied to a two-year high following Brexit and could see another bump if interest rates are increased. "The Gold price reacted quite positively to the news that there was no rate hike, and that a September rate hike is not certain," Capital... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/27/2016

PRECIOUS METALS CLIMB AHEAD OF FED STATEMENT Gold and Silver are slightly up Wednesday ahead of the Federal Reserve statement, which will be released at 2 p.m. (ET).  Traders predict the Fed will only increase interest rates once this year, likely in December after the presidential election. Gold has soared 24 percent... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/25/2016

METALS LOOK FOR DIRECTION AHEAD OF PIVOTAL BANK POLICY MEETINGS After a rough start to Monday, Precious Metal prices are regaining footing and increasing during mid-day trading hours.  As investors await this week’s news from major central bank meetings around the world, the dollar gained a slight boost, pres... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/22/2016

GOLD CLIMB SLOWED BY STRONGER DOLLAR Spot Gold is down 0.5 percent Friday to $1,324.66 per ounce at 1011 GMT, set for a decline around 1 percent for the week. Tensions surrounding a potential U.S. interest rate increase and loose monetary policy from European and Japanese central banks caused Gold to hit a two-year high earlier this month. The stronger dollar and the labor reports caused expec... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/21/2016

GOLD HOLDS ABOVE 3-WEEK LOW AS ECB LEAVES RATES UNCHANGED; WALL STREET FLAT AS INVESTORS DIGEST EARNINGS REPORTS Gold held steady above its recent low as Thursday the European Central Bank (ECB) left interest rates at record lows in hopes of helping its economy. ECB President Mario Draghi said the bank will take more actions to help economic growth if necessary. Analysts are expecting more quantitative easing by the central bank and all eyes will be on the Septembe... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/20/2016

FED IS FORECAST TO HIKE RATES BY YEAR’S  END; U.S. GROWTH PREDICTED Gold and Silver are pressured by a stronger U.S. dollar Wednesday due to anticipation of the Federal Reserve possibly increasing interest rates by year’s end. The Fed has four scheduled policy meetings left in 2016 and have stated their plans to hike rates at least two times this year.  They originally planned to raise rates four times in 2016, but due to poor economic conditions, they changed this... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/18/2016

METALS SEARCH FOR DIRECTION AFTER FAILED TURKEY COUP After a small decline Friday, Precious Metals are searching for direction during Monday morning trading hours.  After a failed military coup in Turkey, Gold saw a small boost due to increased uncertainty and geopolitical tensions. However, as things abroad settled, global markets saw a boost while denting the metal’s safe-haven ... Read More

Daily Gold & Silver Market Report – 7/15/2016

  GOLD DOWN AS DOLLAR  RISES; TERROR ATTACK COUNTERS POSITIVE DATA Spot Gold is down Friday for its first weekly loss since May.  The U.S. dollar has steadied, but global uncertainty caused the metal to decline slightly, easing 0.2 percent to $1,333.10 an ounce.  Strong U.S. jobs data and the Brexit vote have pressured the metal following a six-week gain.  "Investors are taking profits, but Read More

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