How Much Should I Buy?

Like many investments, it depends on your budget, objectives, time horizon and other factors. Some financial professionals recommend keeping 5% to 10% (some say more) of your investable assets in bullion and maintaining that percentage through regular rebalancing. It can make a difference in overall portfolio performance.

Portfolio Performance Scenario,
September 2003- March 2014.

Chart A: With 0% Allocation to Gold,
Portfolio Returns 6.82%.

Chart B: With 10% Allocation With Gold,
Portfolio Returns 8.99%.


You may allocate more of your portfolio
to Gold and Silver if you wish to...

  • Hold physical assets that aren’t necessarily listed with your “paper” investments.
  • Provide a gift of substantial value to children, grandchildren or others.
  • Hold extra insurance against events that may upend financial markets.
  • Buy collectible coins for their beauty, history or other intangible factors.



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