MintDirect® Seal of Assurance

What is MintDirect®?

MintDirect® is an exclusive process that makes sure you receive coins in the same unadulterated and pristine condition that we received them from the mint. All MintDirect® Tubes are sealed in tamper-evident packaging, guaranteeing the tube has never been opened and the coins inside remain untouched. MintDirect® Singles feature single coins taken directly from the tube and placed in a protective polymer casing with authentication card to safeguard the condition and authenticity of each coin, direct from the mint. This seal of assurance is only available from APMEX.


Top-Selling MintDirect® Products

All MintDirect® products provide the same protection and authenticity regardless of whether you purchase a full tube or a single coin. The MintDirect® brand is your seal of assurance that these products have come directly from the mint to you. Shop our selection of MintDirect® products below:

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