2017 Australia 1 oz Silver Kangaroo (MintDirect® Premier Tube)

2017 Australia 1 oz Silver Kangaroo (MintDirect® Premier Tube)

As low as $3.49 per coin over spot!
APMEX has created a process called MintDirect® to ensure these 2017 1 oz Silver Kangaroos come directly from sealed Perth Mint boxes. This process guarantees these .9999 fine Silver coins have not been searched or sorted since being minted. Only coins received in the first 30 days of release from the mint are eligible for the MintDirect® Premier designation. This provides assurance that these 1 oz Silver Kangaroos are among the best struck releases of the year.

Coin Highlights:

  • Each coin contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver.
  • This MintDirect® Premier tube contains 25 coins for a total of 25 oz of Silver.
  • Obverse: Bears the Ian Rank-Broadley likeness of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the face value.
  • Reverse: Features the classic red kangaroo design by Dr. Stuart Devlin, surrounded by a radiating design meant to symbolize sunlight, along with a micro-engraved "A" appearing under magnification.
  • Sovereign coin backed by the Australian government.

The 2017 Silver Kangaroo not only features a gorgeous design, but is offered at a terrific bullion price point. Add this 2017 1 oz Silver Kangaroo MintDirect® Premier tube to your cart today!

At the end of every year, the Perth Mint issues coins that carry the date of the upcoming new year. Accordingly, the dies used to strike the coins from the prior year are destroyed and new dies are engraved, prepared and deployed to strike the coins for the new year.

The coin dies wear down over thousands of strike, causing the details of the engraved die that transfers to the newly struck coin to flatten, diminishing the quality of the finished coin below standards. At this point, the dies are replaced. For each minting press, new dies may be required multiple times each year. Once the new dies are installed, the strike quality (the detail transferred to the newly struck coin) returns to its maximum. There is no public notice that dies are changed, and each minting press changes dies at different times required by die wear.

Because each new year brings new dies, APMEX has designated all products delivered by the Perth Mint during the first 30 days of their issuance that go through the MintDirect® process as MintDirect® Premier. Each MintDirect® Premier tube is an unopened, sealed original mint tube that is individually labeled, designating the coins as Premier. The MintDirect® Premier designation may or may not be recognized by external grading services. APMEX will only have a limited number of MintDirect® Premier products each year.

APMEX uses a special machine to ensure the products you receive are completely sealed once they are removed directly from the mint boxes. The mint tubes are placed on a conveyor leading into the machine and the sealing process seals both ends of each tube with tamper-evident packaging. If this tube has been opened in any way, you will know. After the process is completed, the tube is removed from the machine and then checked to ensure the quality of the packaging meets our exacting standards. You now have a finished tube of MintDirect® Premier 2017 1 oz Silver Kangaroo coins.

All MintDirect® Kangaroo products delivered after the first 30 days of their issuance will carry the usual MintDirect® label designating that the original Perth Mint tube has not been opened since the coins were packaged at the mint and accordingly are unsearched and unsorted. MintDirect® is a process exclusive to APMEX that guarantees these 2017 Kangaroos have been sourced from mint sealed boxes.

The MintDirect® process provides you the assurance this product has not been opened, sorted or searched. Learn more about MintDirect® products from APMEX.

In 2016, The Perth Mint, Australia’s oldest operating mint, introduced their first Silver kangaroo bullion coin, which contained .9999 fine Silver. The design of the Silver Perth Kangaroo is similar to that of its Gold counterpart. The obverse features the profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. The reverse boasts a red kangaroo mid-bound in front a stylized star burst, designed by Dr. Stuart Devlin, and contains a first for the Perth Mint: an authentication feature. A small micro-engraved letter “A” within the first A of “Australian” is only visible under magnification, serving to ensure the coin’s value, purity and authenticity.

The Perth Mint was established June 20, 1899, two years before Australia became an independent nation in 1901. The initial purpose of the Perth Mint was to refine the large amounts of Gold that were being unearthed, thanks to a Gold rush throughout various parts of Western Australia, and manufacture Gold coins for use throughout Britain. The mint remained under the control of the British Government until 1970, when it became a constitutional authority of the Government of Western Australia. Following a 1987 State Act of Parliament, Gold Corporation, a company owned entirely by the Government of Western Australia, was established and mandated to operate the Perth Mint to market their Gold, Silver and Platinum Australian coins overseas.

The Perth Mint is also known for its outstanding quality and industry-leading creations. In 1957, the mint produced a 13 oz proof “plate” of .999999 fine Gold, the highest purity ever achieved. In 2011, they created the world’s largest, heaviest and most valuable Gold coin, containing .9999 fine Gold and weighing 2,231 pounds, that was worth $53.5 million (AUD) at the time of minting.

1 oz Silver Kangaroo Coins Make Good Investment

Novice and experienced collectors will enjoy the value of the 1 oz Silver Kangaroo coins. These Silver bullion coins are beautifully detailed and make a good complement to any Precious Metals investment. The affordable price point on these coins makes it appealing to collectors of all levels. You can now buy quality Silver coins in high volume with the MintDirect® Tubes of 25. These 25 1 oz Silver coins contain 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver, making it a great investment to your Precious Metals collection.

MintDirect® Premier Coins are an Excellent Choice for Your Bullion Collection

Only coins that are received in the first 30 days from the Perth Mint are eligible for the MintDirect® Premier designation. Each tube holds 25 1 oz Silver Kangaroo coins. Buy newly minted coins at competitive prices. The MintDirect® Premier Silver coins ensure you are buying new coins, guaranteeing the quality and condition. These Silver coins will make your Precious Metals collection build value and grow your portfolio. Add MintDirect® Premier coins to your bullion collection.

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New Design and Security Features at Competitive Prices

In an age where counterfeiting coins is more common, the Perth Mint implemented a security measure. The beautiful kangaroo design with the radiating design in the background is featured on the reverse. The human eye cannot see the security mark, a micro-engraved "A". The letter appears only through magnification. This is one step in stopping people counterfeit Silver bullion. You can buy authentic and perfectly handled 1 oz Kangaroo coins in MintDirect® Premier tubes at competitive prices.


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