$5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle XF (Random Year)

$5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle XF (Random Year)

Having received only light circulation, this vintage coin is a great investment for those who wish to acquire Gold that circulated in the U.S. more than a century ago!

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains .2419 oz of Gold.
  • Multiples of 40 are packaged in plastic tubes. All other coins will be in protective plastic flips.
  • Obverse: Shows Liberty, facing left, encircled by 13 stars with the word "LIBERTY" on her hair band.
  • Reverse: Features a heraldic eagle with a shield on its breast. Surrounding the eagle is "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the denomination “FIVE D.” to represent five dollars.
  • Designed by Christian Gobrecht and minted from 1838-1907.
  • U.S. Mint issue from the following mints: Philadelphia, Carson City, Charlotte, Dahlonega, Denver, New Orleans or San Francisco.

Protect your $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle with this clear plastic capsule or display it in style by adding an attractive presentation box or coin bezel to your order.

Many of these coins have been melted over the years, adding collectability to a classic Gold coin design. Enhance your collection by adding this $5 Liberty Gold Eagle to your cart today!

Dates on these random year coins will be of our choosing and may or may not vary, determined by stock on hand.

The history of the Liberty Gold Half Eagle

The Liberty Gold Half Eagle debuted in 1839, after previous versions of the bust on the obverse, including the draped bust and classic head design versions, were retired. The obverse of these new Gold coins was designed by Christian Gobrecht and is widely known as the “Liberty Head” or “Coronet Head.” The reverse of these U.S. Mint Gold coins changed very little over the years, except for the Liberty Head, where the value on the Gold coin was changed from “5 D.” to “Five D.” The Liberty Head Gold coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint contained 10% copper instead of 10% Silver as an alloy.

Why invest in the Gold Half Eagle?

These collectible Gold half Eagle coins were only lightly circulated, so the $5 Liberty Gold Eagles are considered to be of an extra fine or extremely fine grade, adding to the Gold coins’ numismatic value. The Gold Half Eagle is also a good investment, because compared with other Gold coins, it has a relatively low premium over the Gold spot price. Like other U.S. Mint Gold coins, the Gold Half Eagle was ordered to be melted down after 1933, so this further enhances its rarity and collectibility. These Gold coins are a good way to add to your Gold holdings, while owning Gold that has played a role in U.S. history.

The U.S Gold coins you buy depends on your investment or collecting goals.

When buying U.S. Mint Gold coins, you will encounter three major types of Gold coins and your collecting and investment goals will determine which ones you purchase. The first category, in which the Gold Half Eagle is included, is vintage pre-1933 Gold coins which were often in circulation and whose numismatic, or collector, value is typically more than the premium over spot price of modern Gold bullion coins. The second type of Gold coin is sovereign Gold bullion coins like Gold American Eagles which are U.S. Mint issued and have a face value although they are intended for investment rather than circulation and are purchased primarily by investors for their raw Gold value, although collectors also like the beautiful designs. The third type is commemorative Gold coins that celebrate Americana and although they are legal tender, the Gold bullion coins are not minted for general circulation.

Customer Reviews of $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle XF (Random Year)
$5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle XF (Random Year)
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Half Eagle

By  Troutamizer

from Texas


It is amazing something so old could be in this good of condition.


  • Attractive Design

Better than expected

By  Goldlover

from Paoli, PA


Purchased 10 coins, XF random years. Condition was clearly XF or better on 8, while 2 had a strange color shift and some kind of residue. They may have been cleaned, maybe just old and grimy, but not affecting surface finish, other than color. Cleaned off easily with steel wool (joking). Used ammonia and soft tooth brush. Next purchase will be the $10 Gold. Not looking for AU or mint grades; am not a coin collector, as I simply love to handle these lovely gold coins (gently). And better than money in a 0.5% savings account.


  • Value (low premium over spot)
  • Attractive Design

Very happy with my Half Eagles

By  J-Stacker

from IL


Very happy with the Half Eagles XF I received from APMEX, half of them I would say are 45's (Just above XF). Excellent Packaging and service from APMEX as always.


  • Collectible (lower mintage)
  • Value (low premium over spot)
  • Attractive Design
  • Easy to Sell


  • None


from LA


Have purchased 4 of the $ eagles and love them. I bought them raw, but they are beautiful zand very eye appealing.


from NJ


It took me a while to save to purchase my first gold coin and let me tell you it was well worth it. The $5.00 Liberty came quickly and securely packaged and upon opening my purchase I saw a beautiful graded extra fine gold Half Eagle. It sits in the middle of my American Silver Eagles all of which I've bought from A.P.M.E.X. I have never been disappointed with my purchases. Thank You for such quality merchandise and superb service. Kerry from New Jersey

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When you buy Gold coins, consider the factors that give them numismatic value.

The numismatic value of the $5 Gold Half Eagle, and other Gold coins, is determined by a number of factors. Modern numismatics focuses on Gold coins from the mid-17th Century onward, when coins were machine-struck. When studying modern numismatic coins like collectible Gold Eagle coins, the focus is primarily on production and historical context. When determining the numismatic value of U.S. Mint Gold coins and Gold coins from other mints, factors to consider include number of coins minted and still available, varieties, mint-made production errors, and even the historical and political context of the coins.



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