2018 Great Britain 1 oz Silver Britannia BU

2018 Great Britain 1 oz Silver Britannia BU

Britannia has long represented resilience and strength, which continues in the 2018 release of this popular bullion coin.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Coin comes in protective plastic. Multiples of 25 come in mint tubes. Multiples of 500 come in 20 mint tubes inside a monster box
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs.
  • Obverse: Effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, along with the face value of 2 pounds.
  • Reverse: Features the internationally recognized figure of Britannia standing firm against a powerful gale. Her image has symbolized Britain’s strength and integrity on coinage since Roman times. A radial sunburst design behind Britannia adds anti-counterfeiting protection Sovereign coin backed by the British government.
  • Sovereign coin backed by the British government.

Protect your Silver Britannia with this clear plastic capsule or display it in style by adding an attractive presentation box to your order.

This 2018 Silver Britannia coin would be a great addition to any bullion collection. Add this 2018 1 oz Silver Britannia to your cart today!

Britannia, the female personification of the British Isles, takes her name from an ancient term for Great Britain. Britannia has been a popular figure since the 1st century, when she was first depicted on Roman coinage under the rule of Emperor Hadrian. Illustrated as a goddess, Britannia resembles Boudica, Queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against Roman forces in 60AD. Britannia first appeared on British coins in 1672, gracing the farthing during the reign of Charles II. Britannia was a fixture of British coinage from this point on, appearing on pennies issued under every monarch from 1797 until decimalization, when this important national symbol of Britain was moved to the 50 pence coin, where she stayed until 2008.

Over the years, the image of Britannia has been altered slightly, with Britain’s maritime dominance being emphasized by trading out her spear for a trident. Britannia is seen as a symbol of British unity, liberty and strength, meaning she resurfaces during particularly challenging times. Just as with Columbia in the U.S. and Marianne in France, the figure of Britannia becomes more visible in times of war or when national pride is booming.

In 1987, Britannia’s image was selected to grace the new Gold bullion coin produced by the Royal Mint, known as the Gold Britannia. These Gold coins boomed in popularity both as an investment item and a collector’s piece. Due to the immense demand for the Gold Britannia, in 1997 the Royal Mint expanded this design to include the Great Britain Silver Britannia. Over time, both the Gold Britannia and Silver Britannia have experienced changes in design and an increase in metal purity, making them highly desirable in the modern bullion coin market.

Why Invest in 2018 Great Britain 1 oz Silver Britannia Coins?

The 2018 Great Britain 1 oz Silver Britannia continues the update of striking this coin in .999 fine Silver, the purest Silver offered by the British Royal Mint. The Great Britain Silver Britannia coin was originally struck with .958 fine Silver, but beginning in 2013 the mint increased the purity to .999 fine Silver. Among world coins, this beautiful Silver bullion from the British Royal Mint is a reliable Silver investment option. The British Royal Mint verifies the weight and quality of its coins with the fascinating and centuries-old annual Trial of the Pyx, with a judge and an expert jury of assayers.

Silver Coin Market Affected by Supply and Demand for Silver

When you wish to buy Silver coins, it is important to understand how the price of Silver is affected by supply and demand. From 1 oz Silver Britannias to the Silver used in manufacturing solar panels, Silver has many applications that increase demand for the Precious Metal. The price of Silver coins for sale here at APMEX is also impacted by the cost of mining. In recent years, new technological breakthroughs in mining have vastly improved overall Silver production. Today, it is estimated that nearly 700,000,000 troy ounces of Silver are mined worldwide annually.

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Silver Britannias and Your Precious Metals IRA

Before you buy Silver coins for a Precious Metals IRA, you must double-check that the Silver bullion coin you desire meets the exacting standards set by the Internal Revenue Service for inclusion in a Precious Metals IRA. The 2018 1 oz Silver Britannia is approved for use in Precious Metals IRAs because it is minted with .999 fine Silver. To add Silver coins for sale at APMEX to your Precious Metals IRA, contact our specialists at (800) 418-0235 or IRA@apmex.com. The guidelines for adding world coins to Precious Metals IRAs are stringent, but simple, and APMEX specialists are available to help you every step of the way.


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