2018 Canada 100-Coin Silver Maple Leaf APMEX Mini Monster Box

2018 Canada 100-Coin Silver Maple Leaf APMEX Mini Monster Box

These APMEX Mini Monster Boxes securely store four 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf 25-coin tubes and are an effective way of obtaining large amounts of Silver with a single purchase. Each APMEXclusive® Mini Monster Box contains 100 oz of .9999 fine Silver. The Maple Leaf has been a national symbol of Canada since the 18th century. The 2018 Silver Maple Leafs feature a unique light diffracting pattern of radial lines, making the coins harder to duplicate and providing another measure of security.

Coin Highlights:

  • Each coin contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver.
  • This APMEX Mini Monster Box contains 4 tubes of 25 coins each, for a total of 100 oz of Silver. A plastic strap secures the tubes inside the APMEX Mini Monster Box (2 1/2" x 9 3/4" x 4 9/16") during shipping.
  • Stackable with other APMEX Mini Monster Boxes and the APMEX Monster Box. A row of APMEX Mini Monster Boxes stacks on top of the APMEX Monster Box for easier storage.
  • Obverse: Right-facing profile of Queen Elizabeth II, along with the year and face value.
  • Reverse: A large, single maple leaf with the weight and purity. New micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark shows a “17” when viewed under magnification.
  • Radial line background was precisely machined by the Royal Canadian Mint onto their master die to create a unique light diffracting pattern, providing another measure of security.
  • Sovereign coins backed by the Canadian government.

The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is considered one of the most iconic and beloved designs on all bullion coins. Add this 2017 100-Coin Silver Maple Leaf APMEXclusive® Mini Monster Box to your cart today!

The 2017 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf features a new form of security though the Royal Canadian Mint’s Bullion DNA program. The Bullion DNA program offers the highest security on the market for any bullion coin. Each bullion coin features a textured maple leaf security privy mark, micro-engraved with laser technology and is visible only under magnification. Etched within the maple leaf security mark are the two digits indicating the coin’s production year. Each micro-engraving is encoded, scanned and recorded at the mint for future authentication giving each coin their unique Bullion DNA.

Bullion DNA authenticates coins by scanning them with a Mint’s proprietary Bullion DNA reader verifying that the micro-engraved security mark is a match to the Royal Canadian Mint’s secure database. This process provides each Silver Maple Leaf coin with the highest security for any coin in the market place. The Royal Canadian Mint’s unique Bullion DNA program authenticates Silver Maple Leaf coins dated 2015 and later. APMEX is a recognized Bullion DNA dealer for trusted RCM products.

History of the Silver Maple Leaf

The Canadian 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coin was launched in 1988, following the enormous success of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. This bullion coin is made from .9999 fine Silver, earning it a place among the finest bullion coins in the world. Although the Royal Canadian Mint produces other attractive Silver bullion coins, the Silver Maple Leaf is far and away the most popular.

Prior to the establishment of the Royal Canadian Mint, every circulating coin in Canada had to be produced at the Royal Mint in London or at the private Heaton Mint in Birmingham, England. So, in 1890, the Royal Canadian Mint was proposed. Eighteen years later, on January 2, 1908 Canadian Governor General Lord Earl Gray struck the first domestically-produced coin in Ottawa. Since that first coin was struck, the Royal Canadian Mint has earned a reputation for exceptional quality, sophistication and innovation. The Silver Maple Leaf is part of that proud heritage.

Why Invest in 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Coins?

Adding 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coins to your investment portfolio means you will own one of the world’s most popular bullion coins. These 2018 Silver coins are guaranteed by the Canadian government for weight and purity. They boast enhanced security features that make them one of the most secure Silver bullion products available. The Royal Canadian Mint has always led the industry in security innovations, and the Silver Maple Leaf coins show that ingenuity. These Canadian coins feature a radial-line background, a micro-engraved privy mark, and “Bullion DNA” making them a smart choice for many who want to diversify their investment portfolio with an extraordinarily secure Precious Metals product.

Design Features of the Silver Maple Leaf

The Silver Maple Leaf has had its design tweaked over the years, though the main elements of this iconic coin art have not changed. The obverse features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in profile, while the reverse bears a single maple leaf. This strong, graphic leaf design is an image closely associated with Canadian pride and identity. In 2014, both a small micro-engraved maple leaf and a radial-line background were added to ensure the authenticity of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. In addition to enhancing the security of the Canadian Maple Leaf, these features also enhance their beauty, adding eye-pleasing beauty.

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Understand What Spot Price Means

To invest wisely in 2018 Canada 100-Coin Silver Maple Leaf APMEX Mini Monster Box, it is important to understand what is meant by spot price and how it impacts your Precious Metals portfolio. When investing in Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coins and other Silver coin products, know that the Silver spot price is the current market price of unrefined, or raw, Silver. You cannot buy Silver at that price, because there will always be at least a small premium added for fabrication, shipping and dealer fees. Moreover, the spot price fluctuates on a minute-to-minute basis, just like any other publicly traded commodity. So, if Silver has a spot price of $15, anything above that price reflects the cost of fabrication, distribution and any collectible value of the product. The Silver bullion price you pay is known as the premium price or premium-over-spot price. As you buy 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coins and other Silver bullion, you will want to watch the spot price of Silver carefully so that you can maximize your investment.


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