1807-1813 France Gold 20 Francs Napoleon I Avg Circ

1807-1813 France Gold 20 Francs Napoleon I Avg Circ

These coins date from 1807 - 1813 and contain .1867 oz of gold. Napoleon Bonaparte as Emperor of France appears on the obverse of this type. Dates of our choice. Average Circulated condition. As Napoleon I, he was Emperor of the French from 1804 to 1814 and again in 1815. He implemented a wide array of liberal reforms across Europe, including the abolition of feudalism and the spread of religious toleration. His legal code in France, the Napoleonic Code, influenced numerous civil law jurisdictions worldwide. Napoleon is remembered for his role in leading France against a series of coalitions in the Napoleonic Wars. He won the majority of his battles and seized control of most of continental Europe in a quest for personal power and to spread the ideals of the French Revolution. Widely regarded as one of the greatest commanders in history, his campaigns are studied at military academies worldwide. He remains one of the most studied political and military leaders in all of history. Napoleon was born in Corsica in a family of noble Italian ancestry that had settled in Corsica in the 16th century. He spoke French with a heavy Corsican accent. Well-educated, he rose to prominence under the French First Republic and led successful campaigns against the enemies of the French revolution who set up the First and Second Coalitions, most notably his campaigns in Italy. He took power in a coup d'état in 1799 and installed himself as First Consul. In 1804 he made himself emperor of the French people. He fought a series of wars —the Napoleonic Wars—that involved complex coalitions for and against him. After a streak of victories, France secured a dominant position in continental Europe, and Napoleon maintained the French sphere of influence through the formation of extensive alliances and the elevation of friends and family members to rule other European countries as French vassal states. The Peninsular War (1807–14) and the French invasion of Russia in 1812 marked major military failures. His Grande Armée was badly damaged and never fully recovered. In 1813, the Sixth Coalition defeated his forces at the Battle of Leipzig and his enemies invaded France. Napoleon was forced to abdicate and go in exile to the Italian island of Elba. In 1815 he escaped and returned to power, but he was finally defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815. He spent the last 6 years of his life in confinement by the British on the island of Saint Helena. An autopsy concluded he died of stomach cancer but there has been debate about the cause of his death, and some scholars have speculated he was a victim of arsenic poisoning.

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1807-1813 France Gold 20 Francs Napoleon I Avg Circ
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Packed with history and awesome in a relatively small size

By  Wes

from Indianapolis


Gram-for-gram, this coin has far more value than other newly-minted gold coins. It towers above its weight in gold maple leaf, and now I own one. My coin is dated 1812, and in June of this year Napoleon attempted his invasion of Russia. This coin was likely circulating during the battle of Borodino. The detail is highly impressive for a coin over 200 years old. The only worn details are the ridging above Napoleon's head, and the bottom of the "8" in 1812.


  • Attractive Design
  • Collectible (lower mintage)
  • Recognized Brand

My first disappointment by APMEX

By  William H.

from St. Petersburg, FL


This coin was advertised as of "average circulation". In fact, the coin is below average. There are marks around the edge suggesting this coin was mounted as a piece of jewelry and it appears to be in a somewhat rough state. In my view, being used as a piece of jewelry does not fall within "average circulation". This coin should have been marketed as "damaged".


  • Poor Condition



from Denver, CO


Awesome coin with vast numismatic value. The coin I received is in better condition than advertised onsite. Fantastic purchase. One note, the coin I received was dated 1815, which is outside the parameters established. Once again, thank you APMEX!


  • Attractive Design
  • Collectible (lower mintage)
  • Mint Condition

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