Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit - 40 mm

Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit - 40 mm

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Air-Tite Direct Fit Coin Holders are made of acrylic, rather than PVC that may damage your coins. These capsules are hard, crystal clear, and consist of two pieces that snap together providing long-term protection for your entire collection.

Product Highlights:

  • Two pieces snap together to provide long term protection.
  • Multiples of 10 typically come in a box.
  • Fits the following coins:
    * U.S. Dollars (1794-1839)
    * 1 oz Silver American Eagle
    * 1 oz Silver Libertad

Protect your coins from fingerprints by adding these cotton gloves to your order.

Protect your investments with these archival quality Direct Fit Holders. Add several to your cart today!

Provide Valuable Protection for your Investments

Early minted coins did not have coin accessories that allowed them to protect their investments. The Direct Fit Air Tite Holder – 40 mm is a sought-after coin storage supply that offers the protection investors and collectors need. Before the Air-Tite Holder existed, a main source of coin storage was wooden boxes. These Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit – 40 mm provides protection while keeping the outside elements away from the coin, helping grow its value and longevity. Wooden boxes, even shoe boxes, will not do the job because they will eventually rot away, putting your coin in even more danger than it was before.

Safe and Secure, these are Must-Have Coin Supplies

Made of acrylic and not PVC, your coin can enjoy the comforts of the case without the risk of PVC damage. PVC damage can quickly overtake the coin, tarnishing the looks and value. The chemicals in the PVC interact with the coin which causes an acidic reaction. Acrylic is safe and does not have a reaction when it comes into contact with Metals. Coin supplies like these are necessary. The Direct Fit Air-Tite Holder clasps tightly and securely holding your coin for good long-term protection. Easy to maintain, you can have the peace of mind knowing your collection will be safe. The Air Tite Holder Direct Fit – 40 mm holds popular coins such as the 1 oz Silver American Eagle, 1 oz Silver Libertad and U.S Dollars from 1794 to 1839.

Direct Fit 40 MM Holds Prized and Valued Coins

The 1 oz Silver American Eagle and the 1 oz Silver Libertad are two of the most popular Silver coins on the market. The Silver Eagles are considered the only investment-grade coin produced by the United States Mint, while the Silver Libertads are hailed as one of the most beautiful coins ever produced. Both coins, and many more, deserve the best protection that is available. The Direct Fit Air Tite Holder – 40 mm is the perfect solution for maximum protection. You want your investment in these coins to grow, not deteriorate. You can proudly display your investment-grade coins proudly and securely with the Air-Tite Holders 40 mm.

Customer Reviews of Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit - 40 mm
Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit - 40 mm
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Perfect Fit

By  Mattingly

from Corydon, IN


I get these for coins that I give as gifts to friends and family. Best way to insure the coins stay bright and clean!!


  • Value (low premium over spot)

Better safe than sorry

By  John

from Wellsville, NY


The Air-Tite protectors are excellent for keeping your investment in great shape. These particular ones are a perfect match for the American Silver Eagles. No movement in the case and still able to enjoy the beauty of the coins.


  • Mint Condition
  • Recognized Brand

Nice Holder

By  Dave

from Tucson, AZ


The Air-Tite holder is very good at protecting your rounds or coins. Arrived in perfect condition.


  • Mint Condition

Great Capsule for US Silver Eagles

By  Mike from NC

from Colorado


Great for preserving and protecting Silver coins including US Silver Eagles.


  • Recognized Brand

Perfect for Silver American Eagle 1 oz Coins

By  Silverman

from Dallas, Texas


I bought five AES/H40 (40 mm) for my stray American Eagle 1 oz silver coins and they fit perfectly.


  • Value (low premium over spot)


By  James

from Seattle


Perfect fit.


  • Value (low premium over spot)

Different from US Mint Case

By  Alan

from Massachusetts


Bought one of the 40mm Air tight holders, along with the appropriate year US Mint Case for a stray American Eagle I wanted to protect. Coin fits the Air Tight holder fine. The Holder DOESN'T Fit the case appropriately and slides around in the case and has even fallen out.


  • Poor Condition


By  Phil

from Kentucky


Coin holder of choice for collecting and storage.


  • Attractive Design
  • Recognized Brand

Air-Tite good to protect coins

By  David P

from Lindenhurst, NY


Air-Tite good to protect coins

Worked perfect

By  Ryan

from NJ


Cheap price. Worked well for some coins I bought online.


  • Correct Fit
  • Low Cost

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Display and Protect your Precious Metals

It is natural to show off your display of Precious Metals coins. Inevitably there are situations that arise where a family member or friend will want to hold it up close or pass it around. The Air Tite Direct Fit Holder – 40 mm is a great source of protection for those instances. It prevents fingerprints and other chemicals, oils and acids from touching coin. Buy these coin storage supplies today and prevent damage to your coin.



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