Cotton Glove - Large - 12 pack (6 Pairs)

Cotton Glove - Large - 12 pack (6 Pairs)

These economical cotton gloves are great for handling bars, coins and rounds. Cotton gloves protect your Precious Metals products from oils in your fingers that may cause discoloration, damaging the product's finish.

Product Highlights:

  • Each coin glove pack contains six pairs of gloves.
  • Helps keep fingerprints off bars, coins and rounds.
  • Allows examination of items without fear of scratching the surfaces.

Protect your investments with these affordable cotton gloves. Add several packs of coin gloves to your cart today!

Keeping Your Fingerprints Off Bullion Maintains its Quality

Regardless of how clean you keep your hands, they still maintain oils that come through the skin. The oils come into full view anytime you touch glass or anything metallic, including Precious Metals. The oil in your hand can cause corrosion and spots on your Precious Metals bullion. Bacteria and oil accelerates the process of corrosion and other deteriorating factors if you do not take preventative measures. The Cotton Glove will prevent the oils on your skin from affecting your bullion. The soft barrier ensures an easy fit and safe handling of your bullion so you don't have to worry about getting fingerprints or bacteria on your coin. The Cotton Glove are part of the coin supplies every collector needs.

Use Large Cotton Gloves Instead of Plastic or Latex

Latex and plastic gloves are often coated with lubricants and powders, or one of the other. These powders and lubricants damage the Metal as much as fingerprints do. When the lubricant and powder penetrates the Metal, it acts as a magnet for dust, dirt, grime and bacteria to settle onto the Metal. Over time, this causes bullion contamination and can quickly diminish the quality of your collection. To maintain the lustrous look of the Metal and maintain its quality, ensure you are using a large Cotton Glove to handle it. They are 100 percent natural and do not leave behind any lubricants or powders that cause corrosion to the coin. These are great accessories for coins.

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Cotton Glove - Large - 12 pack (6 Pairs)
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If these are "large" I would hate to see small

By  Dúnadan

from Chicago, IL


I am a male with above average size, but not huge, hands. These gloves did not fit me at all. I could not even pull them onto my fingers. I'm sure I could have returned them to APMEX but it wasn't worth the trouble for a few dollars so I just chucked them.

My Gloves Fit & I Must Use...

By  CNunez

from Oceanside, CA... 92057...


I looked around for sometime and couldn't find a better set... My Gloves are nothing like, and from trying other brands. My ago over fit just as they should,.... Like a glove... What else would you want me to say... They fit great.... I wouldn't mind buying another set again later on...


  • Value (low premium over spot)


  • Unattractive Design


By  Aaron

from Colorado


These do the job I was looking for when handing coins. I normally wear XL gloves, but was unable to find them. These are tight on me, hopefully due to sizing. The gloves seem to be thin and somewhat temporary use or lower quality. I am unsure how long they would truly last, but its not like you're hard on them when handling coins. Time will tell. These do what I needed and I would recommend them. They are exactly and described by APMEX.

They do the job

By  Turophile

from Kentucky


They do what they're supposed to do, and that's all you can really expect. I think the quality is decent since they aren't shedding tons of fibers on my coins, but obviously they are not meant to last forever since they wear, pick up dirt and oil, etc. As others have said, these gloves definitely are quite form-fitting for large hands (they seem slightly tighter than the large nitrile gloves I'm used to, but not nearly as comically tight as medium gloves), but this also means you can keep a better grip on whatever you're holding. I don't find them to be uncomfortable, but you might need to find something bigger if you have truly huge hands.

Cotton gloves

By  ed

from pa


I bought a package of these gloves a year or two ago. They are not a large size. They are for someone with small hands.

It's nice for the price

By  Alex

from ID, USA


Just as advertised, fast shipping, good for the price, pretty good quality. And does do the job.

Great product!

By  Russ

from Billings, MT


I am very, very happy I discovered these gloves and they've served me well when packaging my various coins in acrylic containers, etc. Granted, they're not made to build fences but they're just fine for what they're intended for. The gloves are somewhat snug when first putting them on but they will stretch to fit my large hands if I take my time and don't force them on...they sure take the worry out of smudging valuable coins! Worth every penny if you're serious about protecting your coins.


  • Value (low premium over spot)
  • Mint Condition

runs a bit on the small side

By  jqrich

from Fort Bragg, North Carolina


These are definitely not a size large. Possibly a youth small. Will be returning these for sure.

A must have for handling silver.

By  TJCorso

from Worcester, Ma


A must for handling coins/rounds/bars without tarnishing them also a great price for 6 pairs they will last me a lifetime.


  • Value (low premium over spot)
  • Mint Condition

Nice to have

By  Jay

from Smyrna TN.


good to have a few of them around


  • Value (low premium over spot)

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Fingerprints Cause more Damage than One Thinks

For most people fingerprints do not cause an issue nor is it on the forefront of their minds that it could be damaging over time. We don't often think twice when we see fingerprints on a window or appliance. Precious Metals bullion is different because it can cause corrosion and discoloration. Oils are never good to put on any Metal because they have a pH level that is harmful to Metals. If left over time, the oils work as a breeding ground for varying forms of bacteria and rusting. It is almost impossible to reverse the effects of corrosion caused by fingerprint and skin oils. Wearing a Cotton Glove will help eliminate this corrosion.

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