2015 25x 1 gram Gold Maple Leafs - Maplegram25™ (In Assay Sleeve)

2015 25x 1 gram Gold Maple Leafs - Maplegram25™ (In Assay Sleeve)

This unique product from the Royal Canadian Mint is a composite of 25 individual 1 gram Gold Maple Leaf coins, each in its own assay card. The 25 coins are packaged in a divisible blister pack that can be separated into smaller 1 gram coin cards.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 25 total grams of .9999 fine Gold.
  • Packaged in a divisible blister card with a unique serial number shown on the back of each individual assay card.
  • Obverse: Susanna Blunt’s design of Queen Elizabeth II, along with the date and 50 cent face value.
  • Reverse: Iconic maple leaf design featured on all Gold Maple Leaf coins, along with the coin’s weight and purity.
  • Guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Handle your coins with care by adding these cotton gloves to your order today.

Having the ability to separate the blister pack into individual 1 gram Gold Maple Leaf coins makes this item perfect for gifts! Add this unique item to your cart today!

The history of 2015 Gold coins

These 2015 Gold coins are Canadian Maple Leaf coins that feature the country’s national symbol on the reverse, the maple leaf, which dates back to the beginning of the 18th Century when it was adopted as an emblem by French Canadians on the Saint Lawrence River. Today, this 1 gram Gold bullion coin and other Canadian coins are designed with a maple leaf. These Canadian Gold coins for sale feature a maple leaf that was included on the coat of arms of Quebec and Ontario in 1868, and in 1921 was added to the national coat of arms. The Canadian maple leaf became the central national symbol in 1965 after the Canadian national flag was introduced, and today it is featured as a logo for various Canadian companies and sports teams.

Why invest in Maple Leaf 2015 Gold coins?

Add Maple Leaf 2015 Gold coins to your portfolio for a Precious Metal with a value that has been high since ancient times. The value of 1 gram Gold bullion depends today on many factors, including economic downturns, the value of the U.S. dollar, production and Gold demand in industry, jewelry and bullion. The value of Gold coins for sale can also be impacted by central banks in around the world as they diversify their holdings. Gold products like Canadian Maple Leaf coins, in addition, tend to be more valuable when the dollar falters, making Gold Maple Leaf coins and other bullion products often a valuable asset to balance an investment portfolio.

Before buying Canadian 2015 Gold coins, maximize your investment by tracking the spot price.

Maximize your investment in 2015 Gold coins, like these Canadian Maple Leaf coins, by learning the meaning of key terms like spot price and premium price. The value of this 1 gram Gold bullion is based on the Gold spot price, which is the base price of raw Gold, which no one pays. These Gold coins for sale are sold at premium price, which includes the cost of fabrication, distribution, any numismatic or collectible value, and a small dealer fee. Before buying or selling Canadian Maple Leaf coins, watch the spot price of Gold because you want the lowest possible Gold spot price when you are buying and the highest possible Gold spot price when you are selling.

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Choose Maple Leaf 2015 Gold coins and increase your portfolio with a historically valuable Precious Metal.

Add Maple Leaf 2015 Gold coins to your Precious Metals portfolio to take advantage of Gold’s long history as a valuable commodity, and the current high demand for Gold in bullion, jewelry and industry. The price of 1 gram Gold bullion like these Canadian Maple Leaf coins is more than a price for a commodity; it is the result of Gold being the most important Precious Metal for thousands of years. The value of Gold coins for sale today is based in part on this history, which goes back thousands of years to the first recorded use of Gold to fashion decorative objects in Eastern Europe. Today, the Gold in Canadian Maple Leaf coins is in high demand for decorative and industrial applications, and you can browse the many Gold products available at APMEX.



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