2016 1 oz Gold American Eagle BU (w/APMEX Gift Box)

2016 1 oz Gold American Eagle BU (w/APMEX Gift Box)

Only $78.99 per coin over spot!
This 2016 1 oz Gold American Eagle is ideal for giving as a gift because it comes in an APMEX gift box. Gold Eagles combine the best aspects of collectibility and bullion investment appeal with an iconic design and 1 oz of Gold.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 1 oz actual Gold weight.
  • Housed in a capsule and APMEX gift box.
  • Obverse: Adapted from Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ famed Gold Double Eagle design, which features Lady Liberty with flowing hair, a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left.
  • Reverse: Shows a male bald eagle in flight carrying an olive branch to his nest, where a female awaits with her young.
  • Produced by the U.S. Mint in West Point, N.Y.

With its beauty, patriotic design and legal tender status, Gold American Eagle coins provide diversity to investment portfolios with a hard asset that is both secure and internationally recognized. Add this beautiful 2016 1 oz Gold Eagle in an APMEX Gift Box to your cart today!

The history of the Gold Eagle coin

The Gold Eagle coin was a result of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985, and the first American Eagle Gold coins were released from the U.S. Mint in 1986. The official Gold bullion coin of the United States, the 2016 1 oz Gold American Eagle and all modern Gold Eagle coins feature classic American symbols: Lady Liberty and eagles. APMEX has Gold coins for sale in many different American Eagles. The obverse of this coin was inspired by the gorgeous Lady Liberty design of the 1907 American Double Eagle Gold coin created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The reverse of the Gold Eagle coin that features the eagles was designed by Miley Busiek for the 1986 release.

Why invest in the Gold Eagle coin?

The Gold Eagle coin, with its beauty, patriotic design and legal tender status provides diversity to investment portfolios. These Gold coins for sale are a hard asset that is secure and internationally-recognized. The relative purchasing power of a 2016 1 oz Gold American Eagle and other physical Gold typically remains even as inflation devalues paper currency. These Gold coins contain 1 oz actual Gold weight which means they are eligible for Precious Metals IRA.

Diversify your portfolio by adding other U.S. Mint Gold coins to your holdings.

Combine the 2016 1 oz Gold American Eagle with other U.S Mint coins and round out your Gold holdings. The Gold Eagle coin is not the only U.S Mint coin with worldwide recognition and respect. Other U.S. Mint Gold coins favored by investors include Gold American Buffalos. In 2006, the U.S. Mint introduced these Buffalo Gold coins for sale, which were their very first 1oz .9999 fine Gold coins which were instantly a huge success, providing competition for the Canadian Gold Maple Leafs – and giving you more options to add other Gold coins to your investment portfolio.

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Invest in Gold coins, which can hold their value even as other investments falter.

Gold coins and other forms of Gold bullion hold their value over time because there is a limited supply of Gold for the number of uses it has. Investment Gold, like the 2016 1 oz Gold Eagle and other Gold bullion, account for about 40% of Gold's use. Other high volumes of Gold are used in jewelry and industrial purposes. The same Gold in these Gold coins for sale and other Gold bullion also has many properties that make it ideal for industrial uses. Due to its malleability, ductility and resistance to corrosion and conductivity of electricity, one of the top industrial uses for Gold is electrical connectors is in computers. Beyond bullion like the Gold Eagle coin, Gold is used for infrared shielding, colored-glass production, Gold leafing and more. With this demand, Gold coins and other Gold bullion products are more likely to hold their value even as other investments falter.



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