APMEX’s Commitment: How We Give

At APMEX, we believe in the investments you hold, like Gold and Silver. But we live for the investments you can’t hold, like good health, strong communities and bright futures. Inspired by our company’s own humble beginning, giving back is more than a corporate mission. It’s our lifestyle.

In the hands of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, one dollar can remarkably feed five people. We gave $100,000 this holiday season to help fight hunger and feed hope.

APMEX President, Scott Thomas knows first-hand what it’s like to struggle with food insecurity. Growing up in a single-parent home, he worked at a pizza parlor as a teenager so he could bring home leftover pizza for the family to eat. Dining on pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner for what seemed like years, the family was able to sustain themselves without the prospect of food from other sources.

Scott understands the stuggle of hardworking people - and that the struggle is very real for APMEX’s friends and neighbors in Oklahoma.

Helping the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is a passion that spreads throughout the company. APMEX proudly donates their time and resources year-round to fight hunger.

APMEX was recently recognized by the food bank for the largest donation of meals from a mid-size company for the Feeding Hope campaign in May 2015. Overall, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma raised more than $8 million and 950,000 pounds of food.

Donating our time to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is also a passion that spreads from APMEX employees to their families. The staff at APMEX and their families regularly volunteers at the food bank to help process meals for hungry Oklahomans. It’s time for team building and a way to serve our local neighbors while supporting those in need.

To help fight hunger, please visit the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma


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