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Just wanted to say thank you for the tin of popcorn. You guys are great. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

I received your Christmas gift today. Thank you very much! This is the first year that I purchased metals and I am very glad that I selected you for my dealer. Your service has been great. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future. Thanks again.

In an age where customer service driven corporations are dwindling, and profit mongering 'too big to fail' 800-pound gorillas are thriving, APMEX is a refreshing gold nugget in the rough! Your CSRs deserve a huge 'atta-boy (girl)' pat on the back and are the sole reason I will be doing 100% of my purchasing through you! Thank you very much!

I have been buying coins, mostly numismatics and ETFs since 1993, after I concluded that the US fiscal and monetary policies were a train wreck waiting to happen. Right now I am in the process of converting some ETFs into the physical metal. I have to tell you that of all the major players APMEX has the best pricing. That is not the only reason that I choose to purchase from APMEX however. I have found prices to be up to date almost by the minute, the ordering process to be extremely simple and most importantly, completely reliable.

I just received your holiday gift and wanted to say thank you. I have never had a company send me something like this before. It was a wonderful surprise.

I just received a Christmas card and a gift of a popcorn tin from you. That was very kind. Thank you. In fact, it is a family tradition in our house to enjoy one of these popcorn tins during the holidays. So when I opened the box, my kids were pretty excited. A perfect gift! Thanks again.

Without question, it was a big decision to protect my family's future and I did my homework to determine which companies were most reputable and offered the best customer service. APMEX came out as one of the top companies. I look forward to doing continued business with you.

I have purchased from several gold sellers online and I have been happiest with your service and speedy delivery. Some held my money and did not send my order for four months. I felt they were making money on my money before delivery and I was not happy. Your's is the best company I have done business with online. Thank you for your service.

I am very happy with the service I retain from APMEX, and I probably won't go anywhere else. I appreciate the daily email and only wish I could do more business with you. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks again.

Just thought that I would let you know: I opened my online account with APMEX on 11/17, placed my first order the next day 11/18, cut the Bank Wire on 11/19, received appropriate emails regarding shipment, etc., and to my great surprise, I took delivery of my order this morning 11/23! What an amazing, delightful experience! I would like to deeply thank APMEX and all of its fine staff for providing such great, professional, and prompt service on my recent order - my first with APMEX, but be assured, it will not be my last! I shall look forward for the opportunity to do business with APMEX again!

Excellent service and product. You guys rock! I have purchased four times from you and all the time I am extremely happy with the service!

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. My package arrived within the estimated time frame and was well packaged and I could tell it was packed with care. Even the extra space in the shipping box had ample cushioning so that the coins did not gyrate while en route. Everything was accounted for and in pristine condition.

I have been dealing with APMEX in the buying and selling of gold and silver coins for several years now with great satisfaction. Thanks for answering all questions with professional knowledge and shipping every order promptly and accurately. I plan on continuing to do business with your company in the future.

I am an avid 'serious' coin collector/investor and quality is of the utmost importance. I ordered a small platinum 1/10 oz. bullion-related coin, among other items, and sent this coin to NGC for grading never expecting a grade north of MS-68. When I received my group of coins back from the grading company, I was shocked to see that this coin was deemed an MS-70 (a perfect coin). This particular transaction with you seems to be the 'rule' rather than the 'exception' as this was not my first dealings with you and I can honestly say, it will not be my last. Keep up the excellent quality and service.

Got my shipment today ahead of schedule! They look awesome! i'm going to go roll around in them like Scrooge McDuck

After multiple orders, your company has yet to fail me! Thank you for your consistent and prompt service. This is the only place I would order from and recommend to others.

I just received my fifth order which I requested to be expedited. I would like to thank the management for the excellent quality and commendable services. Thanks again.

You continue to surpass your efforts in delivering products to the customer! I ordered a kilo bar and while I was out of state, it was delivered to my home before your email got to me! While I thought the post office slip was for another item on Saturday, it was actually the bar I ordered on Thursday! Just great to see a company that does not hold the items we buy, but goes out of their way to make sure the customer gets their items as promptly as possible. Outstanding!

My twelfth purchase arrived 10/16 and as always it came earlier than expected, very discreet and well packaged. The coins are beautiful and far exceeded my expectations. Your customer service is excellent. I am eagerly awaiting my next order to arrive. Thank you so very much.

I used this site for my first gold purchase. It was extremely easy to locate what I needed and everything came packaged just as described on the site. I also got my package the day after it shipped. i'm very happy with the entire experience. I will definitely use this company again for future purchases and have highly recommended it to all my friends and family.

I'd like you to know that I could not be more pleased with the service and products that I have recently purchased from you! There is more to service than just a less expensive commodity, although, APMEX has had the lowest prices that I have seen anywhere on the internet. Even when purchasing with a credit card and paying the extra percentage, you're still lower! The prompt expedited shipping is just 'icing on the cake.' I just wish I had started purchasing precious metals a long time ago, but I look forward to purchasing more from APMEX! Thank you very much!

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