APMEX Customer Testimonials

Thank you for the nice gift you all at APMEX sent me, the popcorn is great

Thank you for thinking of us and sending the delicious popcorn. We really appreciate your generosity and your support of ICTA for so many years. Have a joyful holiday season and a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009.

Thanks for the popcorn! Nice surprise.

Thanks for the popcorn.

Thank you for the great Christmas popcorn! This has been my first year purchasing from you and you have always had on time delivery and fair prices. Your name keeps popping up as a trusted metals dealer, and it is a well earned reputation. Merry Christmas to all of you and a prosperous New Year too! Thanks again.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for the popcorn tin. We have been very happy customers throughout the year and look forward to doing a lot more business with you in 2009. Best Wishes!

My payment received is good news, but better came today! The mail lady dropped off the dual date Maple Leaf coins I ordered, and they are better than I expected! Great job you people!

Thank you very much for the popcorn! It will be enjoyed at a family Christmas Eve party and is very much appreciated. Warmest regards & Happy Holidays!

Thanks. Great service. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for the popcorn gift. Have a happy holiday.

Thank you for the Christmas present. Your boss is a class act person and you run a great company. Thank you for the great service. You should all be proud to work for APMEX. Thank you again and Merry Christmas to all of you.

Greetings! Thank you for the gift. I hope all you guys have a wonderful holiday.

Thanks for the nice surprise. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at APMEX.

Thank you for the popcorn. It is a nice touch. Not investing right now - money tied up with market mess.

Thanks for the popcorn you kindly sent me for Christmas! Best holiday wishes, especially to Mack and Trey.

Just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful Christmas gift!

Yesterday we received a nice box of popcorn from you. What a surprise! We will have some of our grandchildren here over Christmas and they are going to enjoy this treat (we will too). Merry Christmas to you and your colleagues.

Thank you for the tin of popcorn. I saw the large box from APMEX on the kitchen table this evening after work, and thought there must be some mistake. I surely did not order that many coins! Thanks again, and let's hope for a better 2009!

Thank you very much for the popcorn! All I have to do now is keep my wife out of it! Happy Holidays.

Received my order yesterday! Thanks so much APMEX team!! A+++ I will recommend you! Thank you.

Merry Christmas to you all! We received our popcorn from you and what a nice surprise. Please let APMEX people responsible for this read this message. We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy doing business with you.

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