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More positive customer feedback.

Dear Laadies and Gentleman, Thank you very much for your fast and correct delivery. Best wishes!

Great Service

Very satisfied. Keep up the good work!

You have all my business in the future, I was contacted by a company called goldline no thanks… APMEX is where my business goes period. Thank you.

Excellent coins. Very pleased with the whole transaction.

As a first time customer I was very impressed with your services.

I was surprised and pleased at your prompt and efficient service. I'll definitely think of APMEX next time I buy.

Great service. Great products. Competitive prices and fast delivery.

You are always so responsive and great to work with……I don’t know who your boss is, but you are a big part of the reason I continue to use APMEX exclusively.

Your customer service is the best! Thank You.

I don’t know who picked these coins, BUT I want him to personally pick my coins from now on, Absolutely, Outrageous, Stupendous coins!!!!! I am very serious I want to personally thank him or her for having such a great EYE for this job.

I was used to waiting almost 30 days for (competitor) to fulfill my bullion orders. I was astonished that APMEX had the metals in my hands the same week that I placed the order!

Compared to other sources I have used, APMEX order handling and delivery was far superior…..Other sources I will not use again state “in-stock” but when the order is confirmed they are back ordered. Thanks for your customer service.

I had previously purchased my silver bullion from another company but this time I decided to try APMEX. What a pleasant surprise to receive my order in less than a week. Thanks for the outstanding service (and the ability to purchase directly on line without having to endure a sales pitch over the phone).

Thank you for your quick response! You guys have always been the best!! One time I ordered a coins with you and it was in my hand 2 days later! Thanks again.

Thank you so much for your understanding and your help in this matter. This is yet another example of the great customer service provided by APMEX.

Realistically, the nature of the business is that all dealers are going to be within a few pennies of each other. But the level of service I received from you and APMEX is night and day! Nobody even comes close to your level of service. As I mentioned, my first struggle was just to find a company that would let me get past the 800 number agent and speak with somebody with authority. The only place I was able to do that without a real fight was APMEX.

just wanted to tell you that the phone order I placed with you just a few minutes ago was the most amazing experience! You were so efficient and helpful.

You guys are the real deal………..I am a very loyal type person and have been with you for a long time. You can expect me to be with you for a long time more. You are my only PM (precious metals) dealer. I like it like this.

I appreciate your help and I enjoy the service I get from APMEX. People like you make the company great. Thanks again.

Very impressed with secondary market, requested poured bar and that’s exactly what I got. You know they don’t have to go the extra mile but that is what makes me a frequent customer.

APMEX does what it says it does so that’s why you have my loyalty.

I just assumed that APMEX was in partnership with Jimmy Johns and that’s how you guys get your shipping done so fast.

Thank you so much. You really care about your customers.

APMEX is the most honorable company I have had the honor to deal with, the business world could and should follow your lead, it is impeccable. Thank you for the great service and yes I trust APMEX and will only buy from your company!!!

Once again thank you for your excellent assistance and upholding the outstanding reputation APMEX is known for throughout the numismatic community.

I don’t want to take up a lot of your time, but if you would, please share my comments with your staff ~ they are simply the most responsive and timely group I’ve dealt with in the online ordering aspect of consumer business. Thank you very much and I look forward to continuing my affiliation with APMEX in the future…..

Just wanted to reach out and say a huge THANK YOU!! for your help in our employee award presentation. We presented our four 25 year(+) employees with their gold bars on Wednesday of this week and they were absolutely taken aback. It was so fun to be able to do this for them, and I could not have done it without you and your guidance. So, thanks again!! I’ll send you a picture once I get one!!

Please tell your people in order processing and shipping that their extra efforts (selecting product for them that was in “excellent” condition) are very much appreciated. Jennifer’s note for them to send your best was noted and appreciated. We realize that your people always ship the best, it’s just nice knowing that someone is being extra careful…..

This was my first purchase in precious metals and because of your help I am now a life long APMEX customer and I plan on making more purchases in the future.

Very easy to use system to order coins. VERY FAST SHIPMENT TIME. Prices are fair comparing to other coin sites. VERY SATISFIED WITH APMEX.

You are head and shoulders above other dealers of precious metals, on prices, service and keeping your customers informed of order status. It is truly a pleasure doing business with you.

APMEX is our ONLY Company we will go to for our metal purchases.

When I received prompt response from you with assurance of the refund and free shipping on my next order I was impressed, but still on the fence regarding your company. However, when I received your hand written note and gift by surprise in the mail I came off that fence. You impressed me and allowed me the opinion that your company is indeed well ran, honest and customer oriented. You have guaranteed my business in the future and I will no doubt suggest APMEX to my friends and family for their own PM (precious metals) purchases.

…..I am 65 years old and may God be my witness, APMEX is the finest company I have ever dealt with. I really mean that! The level of trust I have in you all is on line with trust in a really good friend. Honesty, caring people, trust and many other virtues are embedded in APMEX. I am so fortunate to have found APMEX. You have a lifelong customer. I have had no problems with any aspect of my association with APMEX-------none!!! Again thank you for all you do and as I always say “I love me some APMEX!”

I had a great business experience with APMEX. I am more impressed by your staff courteousness, thoughtfulness, kind attitude and went extra mile to help me. She is knowledgeable, efficiently about her work. I am very thankful and greatly appreciated for her diligence, professionalism and drive toward excellence on helping customers.

….this is amazing. I placed the order this morning and now it’s already in the mail. This kind of service is one of the biggest factors for my customer satisfaction. I am very pleased. Thank you and to the Team for all your hard work. Great job. I’m a loyal APMEX customer and I send all my friends to your website.

Your company APMEX is really superb. I'm glad we found it. Your business is first class…

I and already a customer, and had a couple of questions regarding larger purchases. I just wanted to say thank you because you answered my questions and didn't pressure me to buy anything right now. customer service like that is why I ONLY buy metal from you guys.

Thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service!!!

The order arrived 1 day earlier than expected, extremely well packaged, and a beautiful coin. Thanks for an easy and pleasant transaction and I will be contacting you again soon for additional items.

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