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I've made several purchases through APMEX and they delivered on time every time. I haven't found a better more trustworthy dealer to buy from.

Ross G. | July, 2012

I received my first orders from APMEX and I was very pleased! The orders arrived on time and were well packaged. I will buy from you again because you are very customer friendly. This is how every business should be run!!!

Tim J. | July, 2012

Thank YOU! Received my coin today! All told it took 6 days from order to receipt.

Barry D. | July, 2012

I would like to mention the excellent customer service I've received throughout my IRA metals purchases. I'm new to PM IRA's and needed a little bit of hand holding through the process. I really appreciate the help and have told others of my experience. Thank you.

Dennis D. | July, 2012

I have just received my order from APMEX and continue to be very pleased with the price and service of your company. Whether I'm looking for gifts, collectables or investment precious metals, your company continues to supply me with what I want at a price I am satisfied to pay. Thank you.

Randy P. | July, 2012

Thank you. Beautiful service and quality

Juan T. | July, 2012

APMEX totally rocks! You have a very user friendly site and a great menu of items to choose from.

Robert M. | May, 2012

I just wanted to tell you that you are the best place for the small investor. I can't afford to buy a lot of metal at one time, but you make buying small amounts very easy. Every working person should buy a little when they can, and they should buy from you. No one else makes it as easy as you.

Bill a. | April, 2012

I would like to thank the people at APMEX for doing a outstanding job sent just what I ask for thank you. I will be doing all my coin buying from APMEX.

Claude S. | April, 2012

I just placed my first order ever with APMEX. My order was placed on Monday and I received my coin on Friday. Fast shipping and friendly service. Thank you APMEX employees.

Ray N. | April, 2012

I recently purchased a gold buffalo from APMEX. The deal was part trade and part cash. It has been such a pleasure making this deal with APMEX. Not my 1st experience dealing with APMEX and I look forward to more in the future .They are VERY professional and of have the best prices I have found. Thanks APMEX.

John V. | April, 2012

I am simply amazed with your speed of delivery. I ordered a few gift items on a Friday and received them the following Monday. Absolutely incredible!

Mark F. | April, 2012

I just received my five 1 troy oz silver APMEX bars. They are beautiful and were packed and shipped with care. Even arrived faster than expected (I paid by check). Thx.

James L. | April, 2012

As a first time investor, I was unsure of where to go. I then found APMEX, where the selection is phenomenal!

Andrew N. | March, 2012

As a first time customer, I was, as you might understand, nervous about dealing with a company I was not familiar with. After placing my order, I received great communication and follow-up from APMEX. My order was delivered exactly when promised, exactly as ordered. It was securely packaged and delivered. There will no doubt be future orders for me. Thank you.

Bob A. | March, 2012

I have received my third shipment from APMEX. APMEX has proven itself to be reliable and efficient as a dealer in excellent quality precious metals. Thank you so much for your diligence and professional standards!

Paul M. | March, 2012

Just received the two 1991 American Eagles I ordered from you guy's and they're amazing. This was my first order ever, and I plan on ordering more in the near future. Thanks for the excellent coins.

Danny M. | March, 2012

I just wanted to take a moment of you time to thank you for the fantastic service that you have shown to me. I am new to the precious metals game. Your site and you staff are very kind and helpful. Your web site is very easy to use and super informative. I will be buying more real soon. Thank you all.

Gary J. | March, 2012

I just wanted to say I think everyone there is doing a great job. I have not been ordering very long or very large amounts. I asked if they could put the coins in the coin holders for me and they do every time. Great Service. This is the only place I have ever ordered from and with this service the only one I will ever order from. Thanks again.

Anthony C. | March, 2012

I've only been dealing with you guys for a few months now and just want to say you are awesome. You have outstanding customer service and have been nothing but helpful and all transactions have been fast, simple, and easy.Thank You!

Chris M. | February, 2012

Received my order. It was very well packaged and I was able to track the order so I knew when it was coming. Will use APMEX next time I order silver or gold.

Thomas R. | February, 2012
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Just a short note, I've been dealing with you for several years your products are excellent customer service top shelf, packaging delivery top notch, and a easy fun website to look at.

Kevin | January, 2014 View All

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