1964 Washington Quarters

The 1964 Washington Quarter comes in a variety of grades. There are several Washington Quarters available, but the 1964 version holds a special place in history. These quarters contain .17875 oz of Silver and is one of the last quarters minted with Silver in it.

Prior to 1965, all dimes quarters and half dollar coins were struck in 90% Silver. Due to the rising price of Silver, continuing to strike coins required to be made of 90% Silver would be a losing proposition. As the price of Silver continued to rise in the 1960’s may people hoarded all of the dimes, quarters and halves they could find and sold them to people who were paying over face value for them, in order to melt them.

Knowing there would be a great demand for these “last year of Silver coins” the U.S. Mint struck over 1.264 billion Washington Quarter Silver coins, combining the production from Philadelphia and Denver.  This has made the 1964 Washington Quarter a very popular coin with collectors and investors alike.

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