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As an industry leader for more than 15 years, APMEX wanted to introduce competitively priced Silver products that could be manufactured using clean technology. After years spent researching different techniques, we were able to launch 9Fine Mint and create a modern take on a truly classic production process.

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9Fine Mint Products
9Fine Mint Lucky Pieces Line

Lucky Pieces

In our ongoing efforts to keep creating new and exciting options for our customers, 9Fine Mint introduced the Lucky Pieces series. This line of 1/2 oz Silver rounds are splash minted, meaning the blanks are placed between top and bottom dies in a high tonnage hydraulic press that forces the metal to “splash” into the recesses of the die. This minting process adds an authentic look and feel to each individual piece. These Lucky Pieces, displaying unique designs from a cross to a zombie, are reminiscent of pieces of 8, long tied to the lore of piracy.

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Hand Poured Elegance

While cast Silver bars and struck Silver rounds are ideal for any Silver investor, we knew our customers wanted more. That is why we expanded the 9FineMint line to include unique hand poured Silver shapes, including the iconic cross and a lucky four-leaf clover. We also introduced poured rounds, with sizes perfect for any portfolio, from 2 oz up to 1 troy pound. Because these items are hand poured, no two are exactly alike, adding collectible interest on top of their bullion appeal.

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9Fine Mint Poured Silver
9Fine Silver Rounds

A New Classic

The new 9Fine Mint rounds contain 1 oz of .999 fine Silver, offering a high-quality investment option for anyone. These rounds come in four different designs which cater to multiple tastes while offering the same outstanding quality. Clean, bold lines and signature 9Fine Mint ornamentation make these rounds elegant and instantly recognizable. All 9Fine Mint individual rounds come in protective packaging, and multiples of 20 come in storage tubes to offer simple and convenient protection.

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High-end Style

Each 9Fine Mint bar contains .999 fine Silver, with options from 100 grams up to 100 oz. These bars are cast and have a struck look with clean lines. The bold orange and black packaging was custom created to perfectly fit each bar, adding a fresh look to Silver while also providing safe storage. We also offer the 100 gram, 5 oz, 10 oz and 1 kilo bar in a multi-pak option, which provides multiple bars, in their bold packaging, encased in a custom 9Fine Mint box for secure storage and easy display.

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9Fine Silver Bar and Packaging

.999 Fine Silver

Buying and selling Precious Metals is a very traditional industry and we wanted to give it modern appeal. Our 9Fine Mint line uses only the finest grain, resulting in high-quality .999 fine Silver bars and rounds. 9Fine Mint also carries ISO 9001 certification, which requires that we demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products using processes that meet customer and regulatory requirements, per the ISO 9001: 2015 standards. Your investments don’t have to be ordinary – our unique Silver products and bold packaging prove that.

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