Black Flag Queen Anne's Revenge Gold and Silver Coins

Black Flag Series

Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, pirates ruled the seven seas, with each ship displaying a unique "black flag" to announce their arrival and make clear mercy would be given to those who surrendered. Now, The Perth Mint has created an APMEXclusive® Gold and Silver Series celebrating some of the most famous of these fearsome historical figures. The second release features The Royal Fortune and its notorious captain, Black Bart. Only 100 of these 1 oz .9999 fine Gold, 500 5 oz .9999 fine Silver, and 15,000 1 oz Silver coins are available, exclusively at APMEX.

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Captain Bartholomew Roberts is considered one of the most successful pirates of all time. Black Bart, as he’s more famously known, holds the record for most ships successfully plundered by a pirate in history. In 1720, he won a French vessel somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland and named it Royal Fortune. He commanded his crew of 157 men to mount the ship with 42 cannons, making it more than ready to fight against any Royal Navy ship. The infamy of the Royal Fortune finally ended in February 1722, when Black Bart was killed in battle.

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Queen Anne's Revenge
Only 100 Minted

Only 100 Minted

This exciting series, available exclusively at APMEX, is produced with extremely low mintages. Just 100 Gold coins were produced, making them highly collectible. The custom packaging, designed to match the powerful subject matter of the series, provides protection for each coin while also making for a beautiful display piece. Display and protect your Gold coin with a custom wooden box. The unique display box also includes a numbered certificate of authenticity with the story of the legendary Black Bart. 

Exclusive PCGS Label

In an effort to add even more unique appeal and keeping in line with this new Black Flag series, PCGS created custom labels specifically for these coins. Each label features a mighty ship serving as the backdrop for the coin's name. With such low mintage numbers for both the Gold and Silver coins, the PCGS-graded populations will be extremely limited and will make excellent additions to any Gold, Silver or pirate-themed collection.

Exclusive PCGS Label
Blackbeard's Black Flag

First In Series

One of the most famous and revered pirates of all time was Blackbeard, who is said to have captured more than 40 merchant ships and has led 300 men at the height of his career. His ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, is still known today as one of the most notorious vessels of its time. This release was highly sought after and sold out.

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