The Roman Goddess Returns to APMEX in the 2018 2-Coin Britannia Sets

2-coin Silver britannia set

Three years, two coins and one mint bring you the highly-anticipated 2018 Proof/Reverse Proof Silver Britannia Sets, available for pre-order now at APMEX. This breathtaking 2-coin set, produced by The Royal Mint, is a popular choice not only because of its attractive design, but also because of its low, limited mintage.

The 2018 set includes the classic 1 oz Proof Silver Britannia and the exquisite 1 oz Reverse Proof Silver Britannia. This Reverse Proof Silver coin features the same imagery as the classic Britannia – this time with a frosted background and a mirrorlike central design. These finishes make the details of the design pop, creating a true collector’s piece. The Reverse Proof Silver Britannia is found exclusively in this set, meaning there is a worldwide mintage of only 500 of these stunning coins.

The obverse of each coin displays the fifth effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, along with the face value of 2 pounds. The reverse, designed by David Lawrence, depicts a more classical Britannia wearing a helmet adorned with flowers.

Each of these sets comes housed in a beautiful display case that features The Royal Mint logo and includes a certificate of authenticity. The 2018 issue of this set has a low mintage of just 500 sets, increasing the collectible appeal.

The 2018 2-Coin Proof/Reverse Proof Silver Britannia Set is sure to capture the imagination of everyone who sees it. Shop the entire collection, including PCGS-certified sets, now at APMEX.


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