2016 Silver Eagle Proofs Population May be Lowest in a Decade

Proof American Silver Eagles

With the release of the eagerly awaited 2016 Proof Silver American Eagle occurring late into the year, can anticipate the lowest population of Proof 70 coins in the last 10 years.

The 2016 Proof Silver American Eagle has been minted with edge lettering — the first Silver Eagle to ever bear this detail — in celebration of the 30th anniversary of this iconic Silver coin. The edge lettering on this Proof coin distinguishes it from the bullion version, and it is actually the detail required to produce this decoration that delayed the release of the 2016 Proof Silver American Eagle.

The current mintage number for the 2016 Proof Silver American Eagle sits at 451,641 coins, well below the total mintage of 707,518 coins in 2015. It serves to reason that if the entire population of Proof Silver American Eagles is lower for 2016, the Proof 70 population would be markedly lower as well.

Considering the projected lower population, the beautiful commemorative edge lettering and it being the 30th anniversary of the Silver American Eagle series, we at APMEX believe the 2016 Proof Silver American Eagle represents a truly thrilling opportunity for the investor and the collector alike. Demand for these exceptional coins could easily outstrip availability, as it has done with similarly popular coins in the past. We recommend taking swift action to secure your 2016 Proof Silver American Eagles today!

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