2017 2-Coin Britannia Sets Feature the Rarely Seen Reverse Proof

2017 Silver Britannia Proof/Reverse Proof Set

For the second year in a row, APMEX has teamed up with the Royal Mint to bring you one of the world’s most beloved coins in a unique Reverse Proof finish.

The APMEXclusive® 2017 2-Coin Proof/Reverse Proof Silver Britannia Set includes the classic 1 oz Proof Silver Britannia, which has been produced since 1997 with a variety of different obverses throughout the years. However the design changes, Britannia is always the focus. This imagery is very important to the British and stands as a true icon of the people.

Also included in the set is the exquisite 1 oz Reverse Proof Silver Britannia. This coin features the same imagery as the classic Britannia – this time with a frosted background and a mirrorlike central design. These finishes make the details of the design pop, creating a true collector’s piece.

Each of these sets comes housed in a custom wooden box along with The Royal Mint and APMEX logos. A numbered certificate of authenticity is included. The 2017 issue of this set has a low mintage of just 500 sets, increasing the collectible appeal.

The 2017 2-Coin Proof/Reverse Proof Silver Britannia Set is sure to capture the imagination of everyone who sees it. Shop the entire collection now, available exclusively at APMEX.

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