2017 Gold Swan Sells Out at The Perth Mint

2017 Perth Mint Swan coins

The Perth Mint – known for its incredible craftsmanship and innovation –recently announced they have officially sold out of their newest series The Swan. As the inaugural release of the Gold and Silver coins, this limited mintage series has paralleled with other popular Perth Mint Series such as the Koala and Kookaburra.

The Perth Mint created the Swan Series as a celebration of the black-feathered swan native to Western Australia. The swan is an icon for not only the country, but The Perth Mint specifically as their logo bears the same swan. With the Gold Swan selling out in less than 4 months of availability, after the 1 oz Silver Swan sold out in less than 3 days, the mint is very excited about the upcoming release later in the year.

This series from The Perth Mint has been an incredible success from the start. The limited mintages and impeccable design made demand for these coins on par with the Kookaburra and Koala. We are excited to see what The Perth Mint has in store for future designs in the Swan Series.

The 2017 releases have a limited mintage of only 25,000 for the 1 oz Silver, followed by the 1 oz Gold with a mintage of 5,000 and just 2,500 for the 1 oz Proof Silver coins. The limited number of coins combined with the excellent quality of the mint meant these coins were sure to be popular for both investors and collectors alike.

Since The Perth Mint has since sold out of these coins, APMEX is one of the few retailers left that have any coins available. You can shop the remaining Swan Series coins on our site now!

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