2018 Gold and Silver Pandas Available for Pre-Order at APMEX

2018 Gold and Silver Pandas

The design of the Gold Panda and Silver Panda has been stepped up tremendously. The 2018 Panda coins offer an up close view of a panda contemplating its next meal of bamboo. The enhanced texture brings this beautiful animal to life.

Since changing to the metric system of weight in 2016, Gold and Silver Pandas are available on the global market in weights that are before their time. Metric weights are expected to change over the next few years and the China Mint has already made the conversion to meet future demands.

Many yearly series available at APMEX see high premium appreciation, which is the idea that, usually at least 3-5 years after the original release, the premium of a particular coin may increase due to limited availability or various other factors. With limited mintages and unique designs, Chinese Panda coins are ideal candidates for this sort of appeal.

As a matter of fact, latest figures indicate that 1 oz Silver Pandas, now the 30 gram Silver Pandas have enjoyed a 742% increase in value on average over the past seven years, while Gold Pandas have seen an increase of 321% in the same time.

All 2018 Gold and Silver Pandas are IRA eligible, meaning they could prove to be a very profitable avenue to invest in Precious Metals or add to your existing portfolio. Pre-order your Chinese Pandas now from APMEX.

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