2019 Biblical Series Releases Crown of Thorns

2 oz Silver biblical series coin

Scottsdale Mint continues their popular Biblical Series in 2019 with another pivotal moment in religious history, the Crown of Thorns.  The latest release marks the 26th coin in the 60-coin series and is available now at APMEX.

In 2015, Arizona-based Scottsdale Mint introduced the first of a new series that features stories from the Bible – both well-known and some of the more obscure. Some of these stories include the Temptation of Jesus, New Jerusalem and Jesus’ baptism. This latest release, Crown of Thorns, depicts Jesus sitting idle while Roman soldiers mocked his reign over the Jews as the son of God.

The latest release depicts Mark 15:16-19 (NLT2), which states, “The soldiers took Jesus into the courtyard of the governor's headquarters and called out the entire regiment. They dressed him in a purple robe, and they wove thorn branches into a crown and put it on his head. They then saluted him and taunted, ‘Hail, King of the Jews!’ And they struck him on the head with a reed stick, spit on him, and dropped to their knees in mock worship.”

Similar to previous releases in the series, this 2 oz coin contains .999 fine Silver with an antique finish and a high relief, rimless design. The reverse depicts Gustave Doré’s illustration of Jesus wearing the infamous Crown of Thorns. The obverse features the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by the weight, face value and purity. The edge is engraved with the unique serial number, from 1 to 1499, signifying the limited mintage.

Each 2 oz Silver Crown of Thorns coin comes with a certificate of authenticity, listing the coin’s minting specifications. The certificate also features the biblical verses Doré used as his inspiration along with an image of his original artwork used as a basis for this Silver coin design. The Scottsdale Mint issues the coin by the authority of the island of Niue, where it is legal tender. 

This exceptional coin is now available and makes an excellent addition, or start, to any biblical collection. Each Biblical Series release is highly anticipated – be sure to shop this new release and the entire series, now available at APMEX.

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