2019 Chinese Pandas Continue the Tradition of Evolution

2019 Silver and Gold Pandas Since their initial release in 1982, Chinese Gold and Silver Panda coins have been sought after by both collectors and investors worldwide for their beautiful designs that change annually. The 2019 releases of these beloved coins are now available to pre-order in all sizes and with APMEXclusive® options.

Each year, the Chinese Panda coins are highly anticipated releases, loved for their unique designs of one of the most beloved animals around the world. For 2019, the reverse depicts a mother panda holding her baby cub as they look at each other with sweet embrace. The obverse displays the typical design of the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

In 2016, the People's Republic of China began minting Silver and Gold Pandas in metric system sizes to better suit the international appeal of the coins. These gram sizes replaced the troy ounce sizes of previous dates in the series. For example, the 1 oz coins are now 30 grams and the popular 1/10 oz Gold Panda now contains a globally convenient 3 grams of Gold.

As of 2018, APMEX is now an Authorized Purchaser of the People’s Bank of China’s sole overseas distributor, China Gold Coin Inc. This latest development means we will be one of a select few to receive these coins direct from the mint, allowing our customers to be among the first to receive their new 2019 Gold and Silver Pandas.

The 2019 Silver Panda contains 30 grams of .999 fine Silver. As in years past, the 2019 Gold Panda is offered in a variety of sizes, from 1 gram up to 30 grams, all containing .999 fine Gold. APMEX offers the single coins along with MintDirect® Premier Singles and even 450-coin sealed boxes.

Shop the entire 2019 Chinese Panda series now at APMEX to start or continue any Gold or Silver collection.

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