2019 Pegasus Arrives from Pobjoy Mint

Silver Pegasus

Minted on behalf of the British Virgin Islands, the exceptional Pegasus series from the Pobjoy Mint celebrates the famous winged horse from Greek mythology. The 2019 is the third release in the series, featuring intricate detailing, and is available now at APMEX.

The 2019 Reverse Frosted Silver bullion coin displays Pegasus rearing up with his impressive wings spread.  The obverse features a likeness of Queen Elizabeth II that is used exclusively by the Pobjoy Mint, adding a unique collectible aspect.

The close-up image of Pegasus gains added beauty through the coin’s interesting Reverse Frosted finish, which showcases the central design in a matte, frosted finish while the outer rim is mirrorlike. This special production brings out details of the design that would not otherwise seem as prominent.

The story of this classic mythical creature begins when Perseus is sent to kill Medusa. The god Hermes and goddess Athena came to aid Perseus with special gifts. When Perseus beheaded Medusa, Pegasus was born from her blood, tamed by Athena and given to Perseus. After Pegasus helped Perseus rescue Andromeda, he was carried to Mount Helicon where he was entrusted to the care of the Muses.

This mythical beauty would make an exceptional addition to any Silver collection. Shop APMEX today to find the full Pegasus Series while limited mintages are available.

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