2019 Somalia Elephants Arrive at APMEX

APMEXclusive® Silver holiday rounds and bars

Somalian Elephant coins, minted by the Bavarian State Mint in Germany, are prized worldwide for their beautiful African elephant designs and Precious Metal value. The latest North American APMEXclusive® release features a pig privy mark, celebrating the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Zodiac, and is available now.

The Bavarian Mint has been producing coins for more than 850 years and is one of several mints permitted to produce euro coinage. It is one of five German state mints, along with Berlin, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Hamburg. The Bavarian Mint first introduced the Somalian Elephant series with a Silver coin in 2004.

The APMEXclusive® coins have an extremely limited mintage of 5,000 for Silver and only 100 for Gold. The obverse of each coin displays the Somalian Coat of Arms and the date along with the face value. The reverse features an adult elephant with large tusks reaching out toward a tree using his trunk. A single bird can be seen flying with the sun behind it. A pig privy, celebrating the Chinese New Year, is on the left side of the coin near the back of the elephant.

The upcoming Chinese New Year in 2019 starts February 5, 2019, and ends January 24, 2020. The year of the Earth Pig 2019 comes right after the Year of the Earth Dog (2018) and before the year of the Metal Rat (2020). The Pig occupies the 12th and final position in the Chinese Horoscope. You are a “Pig Chinese Zodiac native” if you are born in one of these years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 or 2019.

The Somalian Elephant coins are the perfect addition for anyone’s 2019 Precious Metals purchases. You can pre-order the Silver and Gold coins now at APMEX!

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