A Centuries-Old Design Gets New Life in Silver

2017 Netherlands 1 Ounce Silver Lion Dollar Restrike

In 2017, the Royal Dutch Mint released a modern lion daalder restrike coin using a design originally issued in 1617, which was based on the Joachimsthaler of Bohemia, minted from 1519.

The front of the coin features a standing knight, with a shield bearing a lion, in what is known as the rampant position, resting in front of his legs. The back of the coin displays a heraldic lion in a larger size with the motto “CONFIDENS. DNO. NON. MOVETVR”, or “Who trusts in the Lord is not moved” surrounding.

These coins are popular among collectors and investors for their 15th-16th century designs in an up-to-date Silver rendition. The earlier coins were not consistent in diameter and the design elements were not sharp.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) graded coins are sure to be in great demand and are projected to easily retain their value. Additionally, the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) partnered with APMEX for their certified Dutch Silver Dollars, creating an exclusive label paying homage to the Netherlands by incorporating a windmill into a modern design of a tulip, two images closely associated with the Dutch. Both grading services guarantee the condition and quality of each coin as long as it remains in its original plastic holder.

A maximum mintage of 25,000 bullion 1 oz Silver coins and 5,000 Proof Silver coins were issued in 2017, with limited low mintages expected in the future. This adds to the success and desirability of this issue. Get in on the ground level of this exciting new release from the Royal Dutch Mint while prices and premiums are still at affordable levels!

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