APMEX attends the World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia

2018 World's Fair of Money

As the largest online Precious Metals dealer in the country, our employees have the opportunity to travel the country, and even the world, attending coin shows put on by some of the largest industry organizations.

This week, we are excited to attend the biggest, most educational coin show in the country, hosted by the American Numismatic Association. Representatives from APMEX are searching for the best coins and currency to present to our customers.

We always look forward to events hosted by ANA, as we have been a big supporter of the association since our inception. Our employees attend numerous ANA-sponsored coin shows around the country on a yearly basis.

“The ANA World’s Fair of Money brings dealers worldwide to a major U.S. city to buy and sell all types of coin and currency,” APMEX Director of Numismatics Mike Garofalo said. “APMEX attends this show to connect with dealers that we see infrequently, create new dealer relationships and meet with all the sovereign mints and manufacturers who attend the show. It is the most important numismatic event of the year!”

This four-day event in Philadelphia, PA, consists of live auctions, lectures and seminars, and viewings of rare historical treasures from the ANA Money Museum and private collections. More than $1 billion of historic rare coins, colorful currency including $100,000 bills and a 1913 Liberty Head Nickel worth $3 million are just a few of the things APMEX numismatists and product managers are seeing at the World’s Fair of Money this week.

Our team members are hinting at some great finds so far. We can’t wait until the entire team returns to show the rest of us new things they found this year!

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