APMEX Celebrates a Week of Sharks

Published on 07/25/2017 by APMEX

Week of sharks

This July, the Discovery Channel marks their 29th annual Shark Week, when shark enthusiasts across America enjoy sensational programming about all things shark. There is something to celebrate about everyone’s favorite fish, whether you are more interested in docile nurse sharks or fierce tiger sharks.

We at APMEX are excited about an entire week dedicated to nature’s most feared fish and we have something special for shark aficionados! The APMEXclusive® Perth Mint Silver Shark series features images of these powerful creatures beautifully rendered in Silver. The 2014 and 2015 Silver Shark coins are crafted of .999 fine Silver and their popularity prompted The Perth Mint to render the 2016 coins in .9999 fine Silver, enhancing their collectible appeal with increased investment value. The obverse of the coins in this series bear the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the words “Elizabeth II” and “Australia” along with their face value.

However, the appeal of this thrilling series rests on the reverse of each coin. The 2014 debut of the Silver Shark series featured the great white shark, displaying its famous bulk and fearsome teeth. Great white sharks are generally thought to be the largest predatory fish and are certainly one of the primary predators of marine mammals. Sadly, great white sharks are also widely feared and have been hunted across the globe. Great whites are now listed as a vulnerable species by International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The sophomore issue of The Perth Mint Silver Shark Series in 2015 brought us the Great Hammerhead Shark, which is one of the most easily recognizable fish in the sea. Its distinctive “hammer shaped” head has caused humans to marvel at it for centuries. While the great hammerhead has the speed, strength and bite power to be dangerous, it rarely attacks humans. However, great hammerheads should be treated with respect and given space in their habitat. Unfortunately, great hammerhead populations are quickly dwindling worldwide, due to heavy fishing for their large fins as a primary ingredient in shark fin soup, and this shark is listed as endangered.

The 2016 Silver Shark, the final coin in the series, features the Tiger Shark. These particularly aggressive sharks are called tiger sharks due to the striping on their backs, which fade as they reach maturity. The tiger shark is a solitary, generally nocturnal hunter and is notable for its propensity to eat absolutely anything it comes across. These sharks consume prey ranging from crustaceans and fish to seals and dolphins. The tiger shark has been known to eat inedible objects so readily that it has a reputation as a garbage eater.  The tiger shark is considered a near-threatened species  due to over-fishing.

These gorgeous and exciting APMEXclusive® coins are available now and would make a compelling addition to your collection or investment portfolio as we celebrate a week of sharks.

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