APMEX Numismatist Speaks with CoinWeek about New Palladium Eagle

Palladium American Eagles

The Palladium Eagle, recently introduced by the United States Mint, has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2017. The Palladium Eagle took a long journey before coming to existence. The United States Mint began producing the Gold Eagle bullion coin in 1986, after authorization of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. The American Eagle bullion coin program also included Silver American Eagles and in 1997 expanded to offer Platinum Eagles. In 2017 1 oz Palladium American Eagles completed the American Eagle bullion coin family.

As the first-ever Palladium bullion coin from the U.S. Mint, numismatists are analyzing how these coins will change the hobby now and in the future. In an article published by CoinWeek, one of the most trusted publications for numismatic news, APMEX Numismatist Mike Garofalo was asked about the new release. With Garofalo’s almost 40 years’ experience in the world of bullion and numismatic coins, he was able to offer insight into the Palladium coin.

When people think of Precious Metals, they tend to think of Gold or Silver first. However, Garofalo explains, Palladium has its share of followers as well. “While Palladium is a new metal for the U.S. Mint, collectors have been buying Palladium for many years,” Garofalo said, noting he believes collectors will welcome this new American Eagle addition.

In the article, Garofalo also discusses the coin’s design, saying, “What’s great about the Palladium Eagles is the designs are truly classic. The obverse is, of course, Adolph Weinman’s time-honored Mercury dime design while the reverse was taken from another Weinman medal used since 1907 – the majestic eagle perched atop a rock. With such classic designs from one of the greatest designers of all time, they are strong contenders to remain popular for years to come.”

To learn more about the 2017 1 oz Palladium Eagle, read the full article from CoinWeek.

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