APMEX Reflects on International Day of Charity

international day of charity

In honor of the International Day of Charity, observed annually on September 5, APMEX looks back at all the fun and success we have had serving Oklahomans over the years.

Service is a core value at APMEX, but it’s not just something we say, it’s something we do. APMEX Founder and President Scott Thomas grew up knowing hunger and it is from those humble beginnings where APMEX’s passion to help others with the same need began. It is also the reason we selected the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma as our primary charity.

Our first major donation was in 2011, but we certainly didn’t stop there. In 2016, we donated $1 million to the Regional Food Bank to show our dedication to giving back to our local community.

Beyond donating money, we also recognize the need for community service. Not only does it help the businesses where we volunteer, it also helps create unique bonds between APMEX employees. Our Annual Volunteer Day, Holiday Match Campaign and multiple food drive sponsorships are a few of the ways we continue to serve the Oklahoma community.

In 2017, the Regional Food Bank was able to provide more than 43.4 million meals to hungry Oklahomans, but our state continues to be one of the hungriest in the nation. One in six adults and a shocking one in four children have inconsistent access to healthy food.

At APMEX, we are grateful for the many opportunities to serve Oklahoma and look forward to upcoming events to support our community.

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